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Update 01/04/20

Dear Parents and Carers

I hope you are all well. I finally feel as if I am settling into this different way of living. I hope you are too. It has been a big shock for all of us and very uncomfortable at times. Thank you so much for making the massive effort to keep your children at home. It has been especially appreciated by those staff who have children themselves.  There have been no parents requesting a place for the rest of this week. Therefore school is closed.

No one has asked for place in school for the Easter Weeks. Therefore I have spoken to Coach Lean (he was running the club over Easter) and told him the club is not viable. School will close for the Easter holidays.

On a lighter note, my day started well with P.E with Joe. It was a hard workout though! 

I have also been looking at the things you have been covering in music this year. It looks very interesting, but I can't deny feeling  a little depressed at the some of the bands you have been learning about. For example, Deep Purple. I saw them in my University Days and they were fabulous. I lived through what is now your history. :)

I hope that you are all keeping busy and well. Please do email and tell me what you are up to.

Mrs. Perry.

God Bless.