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Work hard; dream big and never give up.



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Ideas and Links for parents to support at home

PSHE home activities/websites

  • Plant seeds/bulbs.
  • Help with jobs around the house.
  • Play board games/games with siblings or family members.
  • Get active – dance, do a yoga session, enjoy a walk around a park.
  • Explore an area of nature or your garden – count the flowers or the birds.
  • Read a book – visit the nearest library.
  • Watch a film.
  • Do some baking/cooking and enjoy eating it!
  • Draw or colour.
  • Get crafty with some recycling.
  • Build a den.
  • Listen to your favourite music.
  • Make an instrument from household objects and have a go at playing it.
  • Create your own measuring chart to see how fast you grow.
  • Do something kind to help someone else or make them happy.