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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!



Mr Henry- Teacher

Hello my name is Mr Henry and I am the Year 3 Class teacher.

Together with Mrs Launders we work hard to

provide an interesting and stimulating learning environment.

Monday 18th May

Just a quick note to say thank you to everyone that has messaged me on

I have started a class lockdown gallery, if you would like to send some pictures of your activities to me I will add them to the gallery.

It is great to hear that so many of you are keeping yourself occupied and learning new skills. Some of you have been gardening, writing books, learning to ride bikes and learning to tie your shoelaces, amongst other things. Great work Year 3 yes

Feel free to let me know what else you have been up to.

Take care, keep safe & be happy,




24th April 2020

Rainbow request

Emma Turner (the communications manager at Fairfield Hospital) has sent the following request out to children's schools.

" Across the Bury & Rochdale Care Organisation we’d like to engage with our local schools and children to ask them to send in rainbow pictures to brighten up our offices and wards".

So if you'd like to get creative I am sure that Emma and her colleagues would love to receive rainbows  from you Year 3 kids!

Emma Turner
Communications Manager
Fairfield General Hospital


Just a quick message to all of the Year 3 children.

Hello Year 3,

                   I hope you, your families and friends are well and that you are keeping yourselves occupied. What have you been doing? I have actually been out of the house (but not in any shops yet) for the first time since the 23rd of March. I have been for a couple of walks in The Clough. On Wednesday I actually went out on my bike - at 5 o'clock in the morning! It was lovely. I saw two foxes, lots of rabbits and a deer. I have to say that by tea time I was absolutely shattered.

                  Other than that, it has been the usual lockdown activities in our house which includes eating Toffee Crisps! I've eaten more of them over the past few weeks than I have in my entire life. I have been doing some exercise as well, I haven't just been sat watching the TV and eating chocolate.

                    As you might know we teachers have been ringing the families in our classes to check that you are ok (we aren't ringing to check up on what school work you've been doing), if you want to you can have a quick chat with me too. Don't worry though if you don't want to you don't have to.

                         I hope you and your families are all keeping well and that you are enjoying this extended time you are getting to spend with your families.  


If you need to contact me you can do so on this email address



Take care of yourselves and your families and don't forget: 

See if you can learn a new skill - I've always wanted to be able to juggle. I still can't, but I can YouTube now;

Help your grown-ups by tidying up when you've finished doing something - it will make them smile;

Try to do some exercise - Coach Leon will be looking forward to seeing you in PE;

Try not to spend too long looking at a screen - it's not good for your eyes - read a book, Coraline is great

(but a bit scary);

Keep positive - this will all be over eventually and I can get back to being your grumpy teacher. laugh


Keep washing those handsyes


See you soon,

Mr.Henry & Mrs.Launders



Hi everyone, I've tried something new! 

I thought I would complete reading The Witches for you, as we didn't get time to finish it at school so I've recorded myself reading the chapter we were up to and posted it on YouTube - Mrs.Henry has just called me a YouTuber (Is that a good thing?).

If you copy and paste the link below it should take you there.

I hope you like it and I'll post another tomorrow yes



             Link                                           Chapter          Summer Holiday        The Meeting       Fizzled Like A Fritter        Delayed Action Mouse Maker           The Recipe (now in HD -sort of!)        Bruno Jenkins Disappears            The Ancient Ones         Metamorphosis        Bruno         Grandmama       The Mouse Burglar       Mr and Mrs Jenkins Meet Bruno      The Plan       In The Kitchen (part 1)        In The Kitchen (part 2)       Mr Jenkins And His Son         The Triumph        The Heart Of A Mouse          It's Off To Work We Go     It's Off To Work We Go (part 2)

Next week (w/c 16.3.20) we will be:



We will be:

finding unit and non-unit fractions of amounts

counting in fractions

halving to find quarters and eighths.


We will be:

re-writing a norse myth

extending sentences

predicting what a character might do and explaining why.



This will be sent home on a Wednesday and is to be brought in to school on the following Monday.

This will be available to be printed off from Saturday mornings, please click the 'homework' link above..



These will be sent home on a Tuesday and will be tested on the following Tuesday. 

These will be available to be printed off from Saturday morning, please click the 'spellings' link above. 

Other Information

This spring half term we will be making sculptures so please could your child/children bring in an old pair of shoes. The shoes need to be child sized.


We have PE on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please ensure that you child has PE kit for these sessions.

It is preferable for the children to have pumps, lace up trainers are not ideal especially if your child cannot tie their own shoelaces.


Please try to ensure that all uniform is marked with the child's name as this makes it easier to return clothing to their owner.


If possible could your child bring in an object from home (not a precious one) for our curiosities collection. It doesn't have to be anything spectacular, just something that is lying around the house. Previous classes have bought in items such as shells, tennis balls,  a ball of string, a toothbrush and a photocopied picture of an old relative. We will need these for Tuesday please.



Star Of The Week:

This week's Star Of The Week is Maxi Neil for great money work.