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Aim high, never give up. Enjoy learning and growing together.


Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!



Mr Henry and Miss D. Cohen - Year 3 Teachers

Ms G. Smart - Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Miss V. Barnes - Special Support Assistant

Mrs D. Patel - Special Support Assistant

Mrs S. Ellison - Special Support Assistant


Welcome to Year 3, we are committed to helping the children in our class enjoy 

their learning as much as they can. We have lots of activities planned for the year that will 

help the children learn new skills and strengthen the ones they already have.


We have high expectations of the children, aiming high and never giving up is an important attitude

for them to have.


If you would like to contact us please use this email address:





Home Learning Timetable of Tasks:

Monday - Maths, English and RE

Tuesday - Maths, English and PSHE

Wednesday - Maths, English and Geography or History

Thursday - Maths, English and Science

Friday - Maths, English and Guided Reading

Also, there are coding and touch typing activities in the ICT folder in the Home Learning file. 

Please note that these topic activities may change if there are no activities that are suitable for home learning.

Return to school drop off and collection times

Break times and lunchtimes


Breaks: 10:15 to 10:30 & 2:15 to 2:30

Lunch: 12:00 to 12:30 (outside), 12:30 to 1:00 (eating inside)

Year 3's News

Thursday 21st January 2021

Can I just say a big well done to all of you (parents as well!) for all of the hard work that you have been doing. I know that some of the work has been mind blowing and I really do appreciate the effort that you are putting in. I thought today I would set some work that is a little less intense, but still topics that we need to work on and practise. We have Maths, English and Science today.
I thought it might be nice for us all to try and learn some British Sign Language (BSL) whilst we are learning like this, but resources that I can use are pretty hard to come by so today I have taken a clip from a YouTube video (Natasha Lamb and her sister Kelly-Ann). Have a look and practise on your family. I will post some resources as and when I find them, please let me know what you think. 

Extra Wednesday news!

I've had the first home learning pictures sent in from one of your class mates, so I have set up a home learning gallery in our home learning section - if anyone else wants to do the same please do so 👍

Wednesday 20th January 2021

Hello Year 3, well, the rain woke me up early this morning so I can only assume I'll be falling asleep on the sofa/my daughter's bean bag when the news is on later. For some reason my daughter really doesn't like it when I do that (😂).

For today you have the usual Maths & English (with added phonics) and some Geography. The Geography work looks a little complicated, but don't stress - take your time, look at the sheet carefully and it will be fine 👍. 

Tuesday 19th January 2021

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well and not sat at home looking at the rain and feeling glum. I have to say I do quite like the rain (which is handy as we live in a rainy part of the country), but when we get into the second day of rain I do start to wish it would leave us alone. Having said that we are all staying at home as much as we can, so maybe the rain isn't as much of an issue.

Today you have some English (writing direct speech), Maths (finding change from £1) and PSCHE (dreams and goals), I will explain all of these on our Zoom meeting later.

In the first lockdown I started a Year 3 class gallery page where people sent me pictures of what they were doing at home (other than work). Last year's class sent me pictures of crafts they were doing, pictures they took when they were out for their daily exercise and pictures of their pets. If you want to send some pictures  to the year 3 home learning email I will set up a class gallery on our web page, if you don't want to that's fine 👍

Take care & keep safe,

Mr Henry. 

If you need me please contact me on:




Year 3 objectives in Reading, Writing, Maths and Science

Reading Books:

At the moment reading books will be collected, and changed, on a Thursday. Please ensure that your child brings their book in and that their reading record has been signed.  



P.E. will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please ensure that your child has their P.E. kit in school for these days. Pumps are the best footwear for PE, especially if your child cannot tie their own laces.

If your child doesn't want to wear shorts black tracksuit bottoms are acceptable.


Homework & spellings

Spellings will be sent home on a Tuesday. At the moment our spelling test will be on the following Tuesday afternoon, but please be aware that this may change. We will let you now if it does.

Homework will also be sent home on a Thursday afternoon and will be expected back in to class on the following Monday.

Please note that printable copies of the homework and a spelling list will be available on the class website.

Every Reader In Class :

We have asked your children to bring an E.R.I.C (Every Reader In Class) book in so that they can read when we have a moment or two to spare. We have explained that these can be books, magazines, comics, football/theatre programmes etc. any reading material at all really!

Please don't send in electronic reading devices.