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Aim high, never give up. Enjoy learning and growing together.


Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!



Mr Henry and Mrs Hainsworth - Year 3 Teachers

Mrs Shaw - Teaching Assistant



Welcome to Year 3, we are committed to helping the children in our class enjoy 

their learning as much as they can. We have lots of activities planned for the year that will 

help the children learn new skills and strengthen the ones they already have.


We have high expectations of the children, aiming high and never giving up is an important attitude

for them to have.


If you would like to contact us please use this email address:






At the moment spellings will be given out with homework on a Friday.

The spelling test will be on the following Thursday.

The spellings that are sent home do not need to be returned to class.


Currently we have two spelling groups in class. They are Green Group and Yellow Group. Your child will be able to tell you which group they are in.


Copies of the spelling lists will be posted here should you need to print off a copy. 



Yellow Group Spellings:

Green Group Spellings:


A copy of the week's homework will be posted here in case your child's is misplaced so that you can print off a copy


At the moment Homework will be given out on Friday and will be expected to be brought into class on the following Tuesday.



Thanks again for all of your help,

Mr Henry & Mrs Shaw.





Year 3 objectives in Reading, Writing, Maths and Science

Reading Books:

At the moment our days to change reading books are on Mondays and Thursday. Please ensure that your child's reading record is signed and that their reading pack comes into school on this day.

Over the coming months we will find the time to teach the children how to change their own books, this should mean that the children can change their books more frequently. When we are satisfied that they can do this we will let you know.

Please note:

  • Your child's reading record will need to be signed before they can be given a new book 
  • We try to encourage our Year 3 children to become more independent, as such they will be expected to remember to take their reading book out of their bags themselves, for the first few weeks we will remind them. This will also be the case for the children's homework books.



End of the day class story:

We will be reading Roald Dahl's The Twits, if you  have a copy that your child would like to bring in to class so that they can read along, that would be great. Please don't think that you have to buy a copy as it isn't essential.



Currently we are asking the children to come into class in their PE kits in the morning. As they will be in their PE kits all day I think trainers might be better than pumps as all day footwear.

Our PE days are Monday and Thursday.


Times Tables:

It is extremely important that your children are fluent in their times tables. By the end of Year 3 their target is to know the multiplication and division facts for the 3,4,6 and 8 times tables. Their Year 2 target was to know the facts for their 2,5 and 10 times tables.

To help the children with this we practise our facts every morning during class registration and their will be a weekly times table test on Thursday.

We will do some practise in school, but for your child to be really proficient it is important that they practise at home. In the past I have recommend an app called Squeebles (our daughter really liked it!) which costs around £3.49. Also we have access to a website called TTRockstars, for which your child should have a username and password. If your child doesn't have the required log on data for this please let me know via the Year 3 home learning email  address.



We will be learning our 4 times tables , and the associated division facts, until the October half term so please encourage your children to practise at home. All children should have a password and user name for TTRockstars where they can practise via a game. If your child does not have one please let us know and we will provide one. 

In the past my daughter enjoyed playing an app called Squeebles which helped her to learn her times tables.

Many Thanks for your continued support,

Mr Henry and Mrs Shaw.




Every Reader In Class :

We will ask the children to bring an E.R.I.C (Every Reader In Class) book in so that they can read when we have a moment or two to spare. We will explain that these can be books, magazines, comics, football/theatre programmes etc. any reading material at all really!

Please don't send in electronic reading devices.