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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6


Mr A Longworth and Miss D Cohen - Year 6 Teachers  

Mr J Perry - Year 6 Teaching Assistant


Welcome to Year 6. We lead a fantastic team of staff who are here to make  Year 6 the most productive, successful and enjoyable year ever! As Year 6 is the last year at St.Margaret's, working hard and embracing all aspects of school life is something we encourage you to do. We will help you develop your independence, confidence and skills in order for you to move through the SATS and prepare you for high school.


We have extremely high expectations and will expect all children to work to the very best of their capabilities. Concentration and hard work will be the key to achieving their very best throughout the year. They will be expected to set good examples of behaviour for the younger children to follow. They will need to take on extra roles and responsibilities in and around school and when in class be prepared to work with even greater periods of concentration.


If you need to contact us please use the email:


Thursday 22nd July 

Goodbye Year 6 - you have been a delight to teach and we wanted to thank you all for making each day special and memorable for us. You have been an amazing cohort and we will miss you.  


Please could you all arrive at school for 12.30pm, where you will go into the Year 6 classroom and have a final rehearsal as you might have forgotten the songs!!
The assembly will begin at 1.15pm on the playground., so parents can you come back for that time. 
Please can you bring a school shirt so all your classmates (and teachers) can sign this for you. 
We wanted the opportunity to ensure that Year 6 got the send off that they fully deserved as they have been a pleasure to teach and we will miss all of them.

Home Learning Timetable of Tasks:

Monday - Maths, English and PSHE (or ICT)

Tuesday - Maths, English and Guided Reading (or Art) + Maths homework will be set

Wednesday - Maths, English and Science + English homework will be set

Thursday - Maths, English and History or Geography (PE)

Friday - Maths, English and RE (Spanish)

Also, there are coding activities in the ICT folder in the Home Learning file to complete

If you wish you can complete the Morning Challenge each day by clicking on the link below. 

Year 6 Class Curriculum 


Please see the curriculum overviews in the relevant term below for details of what we are doing in the curriculum. The weekly spelling words can also be found there. There are ten spellings each week, plus an additional five words from the National Curriculum list of spellings that children are expected to know by the end of Year 6. This full list can be found in the Autumn Term. Please encourage and support your child in learning these words throughout the year.


We would welcome your support with encouraging your child to complete homework and in handing it in at the appropriate time. We will ensure that the children know what the homework is but it will be the children’s responsibility to make sure they take it home at the time it is given and bring it back accordingly. This will help the children become independent learners. 

English: given out on a Wednesday handed in following Tuesday

Maths: given out on a Tuesday handed in following Monday

Reading Logs:

It would also be helpful if you can ensure that your child reads each night (minimum of 15 minutes), to build up their fluency and vocabulary. Ensure that they read a variety of fiction and non-fiction and the texts reading will be a challenge. Please make sure your reading records are signed and in school each Tuesday and Friday to be checked.

PE: Remember full kits please for Monday and Thursday PE sessions . Also tie long hair back.

Y6 Objectives in Reading, Writing, Maths and Science