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Year 6

Monday 30th March

Hi guys,

It was great speaking / seeing you all on Zoom today; including all pets and teddy's! We will set up groups (around 8 per group) and will post the details for our Monday meeting on the Year 6 blog page. 

I am sure you are working hard with what we are posting on the Year 6 webpage, and ensure you have your daily exercise as well! Please all keep safe and look after yourselves and your family. Keep washing your hands! Look forward to seeing all the smiley, happy faces again next week - you keep us going.

Mrs Owen and Mr Longworth

Wednesday 1st April

As you know we have set up an email for you and your parents to directly speak to us both, rather than going through the office email...

We will be available to answer any questions regarding educational matters for  year 6,  between 9am  and 3:30pm. Also, if you need your TT rockstar passwords, please email us and we can send them out to you. yessmiley Keep safe and look after yourselves

Mr Longworth and Mrs Owen


Friday 3rd April

Hi all. We are looking forward to our Zoom meeting next week. I am sure you have been working hard through the tasks set over the past two weeks and in your home learning book we sent home.

We will post new learning activities after the Easter Holidays, and then you can begin your South America project too. There is a fun 2020 Time Capsule if you want to complete over the holidays. As it is the Easter Holidays, lots of chocolate egg eating is required! Please email pictures of any work you have been completing, so we can see your creativity. Keep safe and look after yourselves and your families.

Mr Longworth and Mrs Owen.

Week beginning 

16th March 2020


Well Done to Kuiama, our star of the week for her excellent attitude in every lesson, great role model around school and always producing wonderful writing!


Reading logs: 

Please make sure your reading records are signed and in school each Tuesday and Friday please. You need to aim to read for around 15 minutes minimum each night.


This week:

Maths: We are working through reasoning paper style questions with Mr Longworth

             We are calculating algebra and using and interpreting statistics.

English: Mr Longworth - The Philosopher's Stone by JK Rowling

              Mrs Owen -  Stormbreaker By Anthony Horowitz



English - specific page in Revision book each night

Maths - specific page in Revision book each night

Spellings - tested each Friday .


PE- remember full kits please for Thursday and Friday PE sessions . Also tie long hair back.

Fridays' Lesson is Yoga, so if you'd like to bring a yoga mat into school ( if you have one) you can.

Uniform- Please remember to wear correct footwear for school. No nail polish.


Welcome to Year 6!


Mr A Longworth and Mrs Owen

Year 6 Teachers  


Welcome to Year 6. We lead a fantastic team of staff who are here to make 

Year 6 the most productive, successful and enjoyable year ever!

As Year 6 is the last year at St.Margaret's, working hard and embracing

all aspects of school life is something we encourage you to do.

We will help you develop your independence, confidence and skills in order for you

to move through the SATS and prepare you for high school.




Year 6 Class News 


Please see the curriculum overviews in the relevant term below for details of what we are doing in the curriculum. The weekly spelling words can also be found there. There are ten spellings each week, plus an additional five words from the National Curriculum list of spellings that children are expected to know by the end of Year 6. This full list can be found in the Autumn Term. Please encourage and support your child in learning these words throughout the year.


They all seem motivated and eager to embark on this new term and have begun with enthusiasm to do well. We have extremely high expectations and will expect all children to work to the very best of their capabilities. Concentration and hard work will be the key to achieving their very best throughout the year. They will be expected to set good examples of behaviour for the younger children to follow. They will need to take on extra roles and responsibilities in and around school and when in class be prepared to work with even greater periods of concentration.


We would welcome your support with encouraging your child to complete homework and in handing it in at the appropriate time (Maths on Monday and English on Wednesday). We will ensure that the children know what the homework is but it will be the children’s responsibility to make sure they take it home at the time it is given and bring it back accordingly. This will help the children become independent learners. It would also be helpful if you can ensure that your child reads each night, to build up their fluency and vocabulary. Ensure that they read a variety of fiction and non-fiction and the texts reading will be a challenge. 


We look to meeting you throughout the year,


Mrs Owen and Mr Longworth

Year 6 Science - Being Human

PE - Yoga and Handball this term

PE - Yoga and Handball this term  1 Working on our throwing and catching skills
PE - Yoga and Handball this term  2 Using the three second rule of passing.
PE - Yoga and Handball this term  3 Breath work.
PE - Yoga and Handball this term  4 Downward Dog
PE - Yoga and Handball this term  5 Child's pose.

How to support your child with Mathletics at home

Useful maths websites to support learning at home:

Mathletics - challenge yourself against other Y6 pupils and revise Y6 curriculum. Some homework will be set on this and it is great to practice your Maths skills'


Maths for kids age 10-11


KS2 Bitesize




Mathematical activities for Year 6


My Mini Maths

Y6 Objectives in Reading, Writing and Maths

DEARNE VALLEY BLOG - September 2019

Day 1 - Monday 9th September (9.40 pm)

The above sub-heading has to read in a Geordie accent like Big Brother! Departed school at 12.15, in the rain, and arrived at Dearne Valley at 1.45pm, in even heavier rain! But it did stop about 8pm and weather looks ok for the rest of the week. Realisation (and shock) hit the children that there were no parents to carry the suitcases, but they are now trained for when you next go on holiday! Had a wonderful welcome committee meeting the coach and whisked straight off to the first activity - Climbing Wall. It is safe to say that there are many natural climbers and some shot up there like Spiderman! Great to see so many achieve their personal goals and exceed them. Quickest to the top was under 30 seconds, even the instructors were impressed. Next, was dorming - my favourite activity of the week, where children have to make their own beds (bed sheet, duvet covers, pillow cases). They are now well trained in this and all passed the room inspection. Detective Longworth soon uncovered contraband during room inspections and ate well before dinner! Moving on to dinner which consisted of; sausage / chicken pie / veg pie and mash with a lovely chocolate brownie for desert. Refuelled and ready for the final activity of the day - Trial of Mystery. This involved children finding out which suspect had kidnapped Kingsley the Squirrel (Dearne Valley Mascot). All teachers were shattered after 90 minutes of interrogation - there are going to be some amazing lawyers from this class. I will get revenge in Maths next week and interrogate some of them like they did to me. The culprit...Mrs Hadfield! Don't know if there is enough in school funds to bail her out!! I left children talking 'quietly' in the dorms to write this and will post again tomorrow, hopefully after a dry day and lots of exhilarating activities and good food.  


Day 2 - Tuesday 10th September 2019 (8.00pm)

Good evening all...The sun has got his hat on, hip,hip hooray smiley Been a long day! Finally got to sleep around 02.30 am. Children and adults now feeling the effects. Hoping they will sleep better tonight. Day begun with a 6.30 alarm call and down for breakfast for 7.30, which was a superb full English, cereal and toast. This was what the sleep deprived adult bodies needed. Then came our first full on day of activities. Abseiling was an adrenaline rush and children's confidence grew throughout - some had multiple goes and went from some looking like Tom Cruise in mission impossible to the more Mr Bean approach! Fear was conquered on this high imposing tower and resilience shown. Orienteering was great fun watching children run off looking for posts and realising they had the map the wrong way round! Thank goodness that Sat Nav is available! They are like sheep and the flock returned to their leaders, with most posts located. Bushcraft saw the children transform into Bear Grylls, by making there own fire and learning about survival in the wild. We just needed the Prodigy song 'Firestarter' in the background to make this complete. Lunch arrived, which was a lovely selection of soup, sausage roll or jacket potato. Fuelled up again and off to complete more activities involving archery, problem solving and vertical play pen (depending on the group). Then it was dinner and the theme was America...burger or hotdog and chips, with donuts for desert! As I write this children are next door completing the scrapheap challenge. Weather looks good for tomorrow and hoping to get a better nights sleep. Hope you are enjoying your peace and quiet. Post again tomorrow, signing off from Dearne Valley.


Day 3 Wednesday 11th September 2019 (8.20 pm)

A much better night's sleep last night - staff feel human again!  Breakfast was very good again and fuelled us for the day ahead.  We all participated in the zip line in very blustery conditions which made the zip even faster - we even thought we would end up in Doncaster!  Low ropes saw all children develop trust, perseverance and team building.  This was very rewarding to see the children grow and conquer the course in front of them.  Lunch was jacket potatoes or baguettes - plenty carbs as energy levels were running low.  After lunch the vertical pay pen awaited them.  This was a very challenging obstacle course involving, logs, tires, nets and bars - climbing ... vertically!  All children rose to the challenge and exceeded their expectations.  Confidence is now soaring out of them.  Staff felt more confident facing a toddler playpen!  They were all brought down to earth with a big bump with the night line.  This saw children blindfolded, following a rope (or wandering off into the forest!) with a variety of obstacles in front of them and teachers scaring them along the way with twigs, leaves and feathers.  The staff enjoyed this one immensely - the children not so.  Dinner was an Italian theme, lasagne and garlic bread with ice cream for desert.  Children were eager to return to their dorms for the impending room inspection - oh dear ... Rooms 17 and 19 were joint winners (one baby wiped the window sills and windows clean) and the other made the beds like a hotel room.  You have your work cut out at home now!  Judges were bribed with sweets along the way.  Evening activity saw up sat around a camp fire singing 'Ging Gang Gooly', telling ghost stories and toasting marsh mallows.  Children looked ready for their beds in their immaculate rooms.  Had another glorious day with the weather and no rain at all - hopefully this will last for the rest of the week.  Off canoeing tomorrow.  Enjoy your penultimate evening of peace and will blog tomorrow.  


Day 4 - Thursday 12th September 2019 (9.10 pm)

My final good evening to you all! Writing this after our evening hill walk, which was 1.5 mile up (hard) and 1.5 mile down (easy). But we had music and energetic instructors so it was more of a disco walk. However, you will need to educate your children on their taste (or lack of it!) in music. Legs are ready to drop off, so good job I don't need them to type this. Wonderful views of Connisburgh. 

Rewind to the morning and woke to glorious sunshine - even had to put suntan cream on today. Children are now calling our accommodation a hotel so it can't be that bad. They had another good nights sleep - or they were whispering so quietly we couldn't hear them! Same wonderful breakfast and will miss these next week, back to eating toast in the car. Staff succumbed to their inner child today and had some coco pops today - and they do turn the milk chocolatey! Today's activities included the wonderful canoeing. Children took to it like a duck to water, staff took to it like the chuckle brothers - we learnt how beautiful trees and shrubs by the river are. It was beautiful scenery to canoe down the river, sometimes in the wrong direction, and we played some wonderful games. Instructors were lively as ever and they must have Red Bull in their cereal! Session ended with a good old fashioned dunking in the water. The second group found this more challenging as the wind had gotten up and paddled upstream against the current and the wind - good upper body training. I'm sure there will be stiff muscles tomorrow. Other activities included lazer quest and aeroball (trampolining and basketball fused together). These activities were also very strenuous and tiring on the legs. The other activity was high ropes - which are high! This did not put the adventurous Year 6 off and they smashed this out of the park. Confidence has grown and resilience and  determination is another quality which I have seen a massive improvement in. To finish off with - food! It was hunters chicken or pork loin with apple crumble. Equally as delicious as previous meals - we have been well fed this week - but have walked it off, averaging 16,000 a day. 

It will be strange not blogging tomorrow night - but I need my bed! We will be aiming to leave here at 1.30 and getting back to school for 3pm. I will text school when we have left. Hope you have had a lovely week and the children will be ready to share their wonderful adventures they have had (you might need to shower them first though!) Hope you have enjoyed the blogs. See you tomorrow.