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Miss E Fellone

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Our latest Art & DT work:

In Year 3 we made Christmas Stockings.

We learnt how to thread needles, tie our own knots and cut out our own appliqué pieces. 

We also learnt 2 types of stiches. They were running stitch and o.verstitch, when it was time to attach the two sides of their stockings the class were allowed to choose which stitch they preferred 

In Hawthorn Class we made finger puppets.

We learnt to thread needles and sew using a running stitch. 

In Year 5 we made marble runs:

We learned and practised various joining techniques and we practised our models using paper before we are the actual marble runs. 

Art and cross-curricular art work around St.Margarets

Design Technology Day
In the last week before we broke up for the Christmas holidays,  we had a school wide Design Technology Day. The children were asked to bring in a shoe box and one or two cereal boxes, and they were tasked with designing a diorama that was based on either a Christmas theme or, alternatively, the book their class was studying in their Power of Reading work. After deigning and building their dioramas, some of the children displayed their work in a whole school assembly.

In Hawthorn Class they are reading "Ten Things I Can do To Help My world."

The children followed instructions and each of them made a bird feeder.

Year 3's printing day

To welcome the children back form Lockdown we decided to catch up on some of the printing work that we should have done earlier in the year. Here are our results.