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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


The Year 4 Team:

Mrs Hainsworth - class teacher

Miss Jones - teaching assistant


 Year 4 is an exciting year where we learn to become more independent and eventually get ready for the challenges of upper Key Stage 2.

In our classroom,  we want every child to do their best,

as we explore and develop our skills and creativity across a

variety of topics through out the year.  We aim to be kind and use 'growth mindset' to be positive and confident in ourselves.


Please contact me by email if you have any worries or concerns or feel that there is something you think would be helpful for me to know, and I will always be happy to help you,



Monday 25th January

Hello Year 4,

Hope that you have all had an enjoyable weekend and maybe been able to play out in the snow and even build a snowman??  We also hope that you are managing to keep in touch with some friends, either from school or elsewhere as that is so important for you.  


The work for this week is all on Google Classroom again and we continue to be very proud of the way that the children have responded to this situation - again!!


Stay safe

Y4 staff



Monday 18th January

 Good morning Year 4, 

We hope that you all managed to have a lovely weekend and that you are keeping in touch with some of your friends.


Everyone in the class is now signed up to Google Classroom, which is fantastic.  Therefore I will only set work on there now, rather than on the website too.  Please continue to complete and submit your daily work via Google Classroom and remember to click 'handed in'.  I am keeping a record of who attends zoom and the work submitted.  A huge well done to everyone who is doing that.  Please continue to message me if you have any questions or concerns about anything.  Keep working hard and just doing your best!


Well done.  Stay safe

Mrs Hainsworth and Miss Jones x


Wednesday 13th January


Hello everyone!

Gosh I can't believe that it's already Wednesday!!

It is lovely to see so many of you on the zoom call each morning and Miss Jones and I are very proud of how you have adapted so far and of the work you are sending in to us.  Today's work is on here too - 60 second read and the 2nd writing frame from Power of Reading ( English folder) and then Maths on multiplying 3 numbers and a Science worksheet on solids, liquids and gases.  Any questions, please ask.



Tuesday 12th January


Hello Y4,

The work for today is also on the website for now.  Maths is multiplying 3 numbers, English is a Tell Me grid based on the first few pages of our new book and there is also a 60 second read activity.  

It was lovely to see so many of you on zoom yesterday and I hope to see you all agai shortly.  The work you are sending in is really pleasing so far!  Big well done. 



Monday 11th January


Good morning, 

I hope to see / speak to all of you at 9.30 on Zoom this morning to say hello, register you and go over today's work.  The work is also on the website.  

Don't panic if there are any problems today as there may be a few teething problems at first - but we will get there!

Mrs Hainsworth


Friday 8th January

Hello Year 4,

Finally it's Friday - the end of another strange week with lots of changes for us all to get used to.  I hope that you are able to have a lovely weekend and maybe even enjoy some snowy weather later today.

Thanks so much to those who have been completing their work - a really amazing effort from so many of you.  We will begin the zoom calls on Monday morning at 9.30 and Miss Jones and I are really looking forward to seeing you, even if it is just on a screen.  We will all get back together again at some point in our lovely classroom. I have emailed the details of the zoom call via Google Classroom.


The English and Maths work for today is in the Home Learning section.  A few of you completed the Maths sheets for today already,  so if that is the case, maybe try doing some Maths topic work on Mathletics or challenge yourself with some of the tests on there.  You could also all start to look at the new spellings for this term - it is 2a of the Spring section further down this page and is the first list.  


Please don't hesitate to contact me, parents, if you have any questions or concerns about the work set.  As a school and as parents mostly ourselves, we fully appreciate how difficult this may be for many of you to juggle.  You will probably also be aware that the government has really raised the level of what it expects online learning to be, and it is becoming more towards a normal school day.  As with homework, some of you may feel that there is far too much work set over the coming weeks while others may think it is not enough. We just have to try and provide what we have been asked to, and hopefully it may become easier to manage eventually - but please contact me as a first port of call and I will try to help.


Have a lovely weekend and take care, 

Mrs Hainsworth and Miss Jones 






Home Learning Timetable of Tasks in Year 4:

Monday - Maths, English, including a 60 second read, and History

Tuesday - Maths, English, including a 60 second read, and PSHE 

Wednesday - Maths, English, including a 60 second read, and Science

Thursday - Maths, English, including a 60 second read, and RE

Friday - Maths, English, Mental Maths (tables exercise) and Spanish


This could be subject to change and extra activities may be added from time to time, but the timetable should generally follow what is written above.


Also, there are coding activities in the ICT folder in the Home Learning file to complete

Year 4 Class Curriculum

 Please see the curriculum overviews in the relevant term below for details of what we will be learning this year. 



Weekly spellings will be shown under Autumn term in the Curriculum section.  There will generally be 10 weekly spellings plus an extra 5 most weeks from the statutory Year 3/4 spelling list. New spellings will be given out on a Friday and the test will be on a Friday each week - please support your child in learning them as they do get quite tricky and they will definitely need to practise them at home each week. Certificates will be given out when a child gets all spellings correct over 4 consecutive weeks. 



Please listen to your child read as often as possible at home to develop fluency and understanding.  Your child will be allocated a day ( see Reading Record) to bring in their book and reading record so that we can check it.  It is really helpful if you can sign their record with a date and comment and the pages they have read EVERY time they read, even if they are a 'free reader'.  If your child is a daily reader, they will ideally be heard each day at school.  This is to give them a boost and push them on further on the scheme so it is vital that they are also heard at home too. 



Please encourage your child to read, practise times tables and use Mathsletics at home ( they should have a log in with a QR code for this).   They will also be given a homework book with 2 pieces of homework to complete.  This will be given on a Friday for the following Tuesday - but can be brought in and handed in on the Monday if they prefer.   It shouldn't take long to complete but will help your child to get into a good homework routine.  Please support them - it really makes a difference.

Y4 Objectives in Reading, Writing, Maths and Science

A guide for using Mathsletics which might help. Well done to those that have been using it!

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