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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Mrs Hainsworth - Teacher

Welcome to Year 4. Year 4 is an exciting year where we learn to become independent.

In our classroom we want every child to do their best,

as we explore and develop our skills and creativity across a

variety of topics through out the year. - please use this email to contact me, or send me info / photos of what you've been doing, children x
Please have a look in the Wellbeing tab for details of a letter you could write about these unusual and strange times.

A powerpoint on spider monkeys which Niamh has been busy creating

Friday 17th July


Good afternoon Year 4 and parents,


Well it's a final goodbye from Miss Jones and I.  It was lovely to see do many of you at our rather wet and drizzly field picnic on Wednesday and see how you've grown!!


Have a fantastic summer all of you and we hope you get to do some of the lovely things you enjoy doing, or even get away on a holiday somewhere.  


It's been a pleasure to teach all of you and we look forward to seeing you as Year 5 pupils in September.


Take care as always


Wednesday 15th July

Good morning to you all,

The weather is definitely not ideal but we will still go ahead as too difficult to start changing the date now.  

Try to bring something to sit on so you don't get wet from the grass.  Remember your lunch and a drink and we will look forward to seeing those of you that have replied from 1130 on the bottom sports field.  Fingers crossed no more rain!!



Sunday 12th July


Good evening, 

I hope that you've had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the return of the sunshine?

I have just put on your weekly English and Maths ( the last time I will be doing that,  as hopefully September will see the return of us being back to school!! )

If your parent hasn't yet let me know about interest in the picnic, please could they email as soon as possible as I really need to know numbers.  Thank you to everyone who has replied.  Keep fingers crossed for a dry day!!  I think it will work best and most safely if you bring your own packed lunch and something to sit on.  We will bring a few extra treats!  We are so looking forward to seeing lots of you on Wednesday at 11:30 ish on the bottom (sports day) field.

Take care xx

Friday 10th July

Good afternoon Year 4, 

I hope that you all enjoyed your zoom calls with Mrs Cleary and Mrs Hadfield - and your virtual tour of the Y5 classroom.  They are really looking forward to getting to know you all fully in September.

Mrs Cleary has asked me to add that if you have any questions or concerns now or over the summer, you can email her on


There has been a fantastic, positive response to the idea of us meeting next week on Wednesday on the field for a picnic ( 18 of you so far).  Please let me know either way if you have not yet replied, or remind a friend if they haven't replied yet as I definitely need to know numbers asap please.  I will send further details nearer the time but keep Wednesday at 1130 free!!

Take care and hope you all have a lovely weekend xx

Wednesday 8th July


Good morning Year 4, 

I hope that you are all doing well.  I have been in school the last 2 days and then again tomorrow.  Lots of trying to shelter from the rain during playtimes!!


Miss Jones and I have been trying to think of a way to say goodbye to you all now that we are nearing the end of the school year.  (We have managed to see a few of you briefly if you have been in the key worker group in the hall).

The options are meeting on the field where we do sports day for a socially distanced picnic, or zoom calls.  The picnic would be next Wednesday (15th) between 1130 and 1230 if you can make it (weather permitting).  I'm not yet sure when the zoom calls would be.  I need to know interest in these options so could you please message me on the Year 4 home learning email ( address at the top of the page) by the end of Friday with your preferred option.  If I don't hear back, I will assume that your child is not able to do either option for a transition goodbye.  If they are on the rota as a key worker child next Wednesday, we can arrange for them to be brought down to the field and then back into school.  

We look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully seeing or speaking to some of you next week.

Have a good day and take care. xx

Sunday 5th July


Hello Year 4,

I hope that you are all well and have enjoyed your weekend.  I managed to see two friends last night who I haven't seen in person since February, so that was lovely.  Our puppy, Layla was unwell earlier in the week and had a brief trip to the vets - but she is fine now and back to being playful and crazy!

 I expect that some of you are looking forward to having a break from school work soon if you've been doing lots of home learning - if so, only 2 weeks to go - so you are nearly there!  I have put on your weekly Maths and English work, and remember about the Head Start booklet and Home Learning booklet , which are on the page with all the subject icons.

Keep trying your best - not long to go!

Hopefully you will all know that Mrs Cleary and Mrs Hadfield are going to speak to you on a zoom call next week, which will lovely to meet your new adults in school from September.  Miss Jones and I hope to arrange to contact you the week after.

Take care xx

Wednesday 1st July


Good afternoon, Year 4.

I can't believe it is July now!  Time seems to be racing despite all this strangeness.  I have just added some more photos onto the gallery - it is lovely to see you on photos looking happy and well.  Miss Jones has been busy tidying our classroom this week and sorting out all your trays and books ( some were VERY messy!!! )  We really miss seeing you all although I have managed to say hello to a few of you in the keyworker bubble.  

Workwise - I have just added another great resource which Mrs Wainman sent me  - it looks great and is called Y4 Home Learning pack and is under a new icon where all your work is.  It includes English and Maths and could be done instead or alongside your normal weekly tasks.

Take care and stay safe and have a lovely day. 

Miss Jones and I hope to speak to you all ( via zoom) or see you in some way, before the term ends.


Class Lockdown Gallery

Aminah's great dinosaur model
Aminah's research on the Iron Age
Tayla practicing on her keyboard
Grace busy painting her room
Grace playing dino crazy golf
Illia enjoying time outside
Illia on a walk
Harriet finally able to hug her grandad
Harriet helping level out her grandparent's garden
Isabella's fantastic Roman shield
Lydia's great book review
Lydia's cat trying to stop her from working!
Martha with her new puppy, Jeff
Grace's amazing 'lockdown' cake
Isabella doing crafts in her garden
Isaac feeding a horse on his walk
Isaac's walk in the countryside
Grace on a social distance walk with Milo the dog
Niamh's sleepy cat, Pepper
Harriet watching TV
Isabella practising golf
Niamh with an amazing pug cushion she made
Our puppy, Layla, thinking that My lounger is hers
Isabella and her cat George!
Isabella's karate certificate ( via zoom)
Illia with Roman artefacts he has made
A lovely postcard written by Grace
A twig heart made by Harriet and her mum
A pancake competition between Kane and Leah
Great writing Illia ( recently moved  from Ukraine
Grace's Easter egg hunt
Isaac's birthday bike ride
Lydia with a cake she baked
A poem Harriet wrote

Sunday 28th June

Hi, Year 4, 

I hope that you have all enjoyed your weekend, despite the rain, which has been a bit of a change!

Your weekly Maths and English tasks are now on.  Don't forget to also have a look at  the |Head Start  booklets too.  

Have a good week and as always, email me if you need anything or want to show me what you've been up to. 

Friday 26th June


Good morning Year 4,

I hope that you have all had a good week, enjoying the lovely weather.  I expect lots of you have had paddling pools etc out in your gardens to try and keep cool.  I was teaching a Year 6 bubble yesterday and it was so hot in the Y6 classroom by the afternoon so I would have definitely been glad of a quick dip!!  I hope that you're all still coping with being off and still managing to do at least some school work, whatever form that takes - as it will really help for when you return to school.

Have a lovely weekend and stay in touch if you can as i love to hear from you. 

Take care xx

Sunday 21st June


Good evening, Year 4


I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend and especially Father's Day today if you have done anything nice for that.

I have just put the weekly Maths and English on under the icons - as usual though, if you have any problems, please email me.  Miss Jones and I are going to start sorting all your books out this week so that you will be able to collect them to look through at some point ( we will let you know when).

I hope that you enjoy the new week and are still persevering and showing your resilience even if things are starting to get hard for you.  I think we are all missing our normal lives now!!

Please remember we continue to be very proud of you all.

Take care xx


PS I have added an excellent English and Maths booklet (Head Start) which Mrs Wainman found.  It is specific to Year 4 and would be a really good booklet to work through or to use as revision.  Try to have a look if you can 

Wednesday 17th June

Hi Year 4, 

I hope that you are all having a good week.  I've been in school for 3 days this week ( 2 days teaching a Year 6 bubble in our classroom with Miss Jones ).  It is lovely to see children learning and playing again - but very strange having to space out and use lots of hand sanitiser and cleaning sprays!)

I hope that you are all continuing to do some school work - even if a small amount, along with enjoying reading and practising times tables.  

Have any of you been listening to the storms over the last few days? I quite like listening to thunder as long as it's not too loud to be scary.  I got very wet on my dog walk this evening and am looking forward to a return of hot, sunny weather hopefully soon.

Remember we love to receive your emails and photos.  As always, email me if you need anything or want to arrange a little chat.

Take care - we miss you all lots xx


Sunday 14th June


Good afternoon Year 4, 

I hope  that  you have all enjoyed the weekend.  I am going to be in school for the next few days, so I  am putting  on the weekly Maths and \English work today.  

As always, it is lovely to hear from you.  Also, I have spoken to nearly all of you ( or your parents) twice now - unless I've not been able to get through and have left messages.  As I will now be in school more often, please could you let me know by email if your child would still like to receive a phone call over the next 2 weeks, as I am m ore than happy to arrange that if so.

Take care as always xx

Friday 12th June

Good afternoon Year 4, 

I hope that you are all well.  It is definitely not a very summery day today is it?? 

I wonder if any of you have any nice plans for the weekend?  I am going to bake a rainbow cake later with my daughter, Lauren.  We are cheating this time though because its a packet mix!! I wonder if it will look like it does on the box? 

We are also going for a social distanced dog walk with my sister and her family on Sunday - which will be nice if it stays dry!

Take care all of you xx

Wednesday 10th June


Good morning Year 4, 

hope you are all well and safe.  I popped into school yesterday and our classroom looks very strange and empty without you and all your things!

I have just had a look on the internet if June 10th is a national day of anything - all I could find is that it is National iced tea day!!

However, I did find out that the month of June is named after the Roman goddess Juno who is the goddess of marriage and a married couple's household. It is considered good luck to get married in this monthJune and May are also the only two months that don't start on the same day of the week as any other month. Have a great day 


PS Latest Mathletics Certificates (since 21st May)

Tom, Ben,Tayla, Isaac, Lydia, Isabella W - Bronze

Illia, James - 2 Bronze

Well done to you all. 

Monday 8th June


Good morning Year 4,

I hope that you are all doing well and have had a lovely weekend.  I wonder if youve done anything that you've really enjoyed?  We had our first (since Lockdown) McDonald's for tea, which was a nice treat - and there was no queue which was even better!  

I have put on the weekly English and Maths lessons now in case any of you are keenly waiting to start your work!  I will add some more things on later in the day though.

Take care xx


NEW WORK (' yay'  I hear you all shout!!)

I have added some Science work on under the Science tab (Help Our |Habitats). 

Under the English tab, I have also added four fantastic new Talk for Writing units - which look really fun and will definitely improve your imagination and writing skills - please have a look. 'The Impossibly Possible Bookshop' has an audio with it too.  You don't need to do all of it!

Have a look too at the letter you can write all about Positivity in these uncertain times ( Wellbeing tab)

Wednesday 3rd June


Good evening, 

I hope that you are all doing well.  I have added a few more photos onto the gallery - it is really lovely to receive them and I hope you like to see what your classmates are up to!  I have spoken to a few more of you again this week and it is great to know how resilient you are in dealing with this time being away from school and friends and wider family.  I even interrupted a few of you from your school work when I rang!! You are all superstars and we are very proud of you.  Keep up the good work Year 4!

Sunday 31st May


Good morning Year 4, 

I am writing this today because I am in school tomorrow to start some training and planning for when school starts to reopen more widely, with the other teachers. The weekly maths and English work is now on for the coming week.

We really hope that you have all had a lovely week - the weather has certainly been beautiful,  so hopefully you have been able to do lots of enjoyable outdoor activities, and have a welcome break from school work!

Take care - we miss you all xx

Friday 22nd May


Hello Year 4, 

I hope again that you are all doing well.  It is very strange to think that we would have all been excitedly looking forward to breaking up for our half-term holiday today.  How different things are now!   I know from reading your messages, seeing your photos and speaking to you and your parents, that you are making us very proud by continuing to try your best with everything.   Well done!

Have a lovely break next week.  I won't be adding any extra work on until 1 June but of course you can still find things to do from the website, and read etc if you want to.

Take care and stay safe,

from Mrs Hainsworth and Miss Jones xx

Thursday 21st May

Hi, Year 4,

Just a quick message today!  Hope you are all okay and enjoying the lovely weather. 

I wonder if any of you saw our school on the BBC National news yesterday?  It was definitely a bit of a shock being in school and hearing that a camera crew were arriving.  Mrs Perry did a fantastic job being interviewed - glad that I didn't have to do that!  Apparently I squealed very loudly when I saw our classroom on the TV as I didn't know they'd filmed in there.  It's not every day that you see the place you normally go to every day on the news - it made me miss it and miss all of you!

Take care xx

Wednesday 20th May

Hi, Year 4, 

Hope that you all continue to do as well as possible in these strange times.  A scorcher of a day today ( my favourite kind of day!) hope that you  can all make the most of it and get outside for at least some of the day.  I have spoken to a few more of you again this week, which has been lovely - and will hopefully speak to more of you later in the week ( I need to go into school for a while today).


Please keep in touch via the email address and send me your photos!


PS Well done to these children who have earnt certificates on Mathletics since May 1st - which adds to the previous lists on earlier diary communications.

Illia (Silver /Bronze)    Archie (Bronze)    Niamh (Silver/Bronze)    James (Silver/Bronze)   

Isabella W (Silver, 2 Bronze)

Monday 18th May

Good morning Year 4, 

I hope that you all had a lovely weekend.  I went for a couple of log walks with our puppy ( she get very tired though after a while and decides to lie down on the pavement!)

The weekly English and Maths work is now on and there is lots more Science work too on our current topic.  There is also a block of writing work - Talk for Writing, which looks exciting and would be good to explore.  As usual, please email me if you have any problems - and keep sending me some photos as we love to see them!  I will hopefully speak to some of you on the phone again this week.

Take care x

Friday 15th May

Good morning Year 4, 

We hope that you are all still doing as well as possible.  I can't believe it's almost the weekend again!

I hope that you are enjoying looking at the gallery pictures of your class - remember to send me a photo if you would like it including ( let me know on the email if you don't want it sharing on the website though).  Have a lovely weekend whatever you do.


Wednesday 13th May

Hi, Year 4, 

I hope that you are all having a good week so far whatever you are up to.  I have spoken to virtually all of you on the phone now ( or your parents if you were busy!)  It has been lovely to speak to you and find out how you are and hear some of the great things you've been up to ( baking, cooking, walks,dancing etc etc.)  I will try to start phoning again at the end of the week for another catch up, beginning with the people I spoke to first, at the end of April.  We miss you all and continue to be very proud of the way you seem to have adapted.  

I am definitely missing the hot weather this week - but have a big box of old photos and paperwork to sort out, so maybe I will get round to doing that?!

I wonder if anyone has tried the Oak Academy lessons yet? ( see previous diary communication)

Take care xx

Monday 11th May

Good morning Year 4 and families,

I hope that you all had a lovely weekend and managed to enjoy the beautiful weather before the Arctic temperatures arrived yesterday ( that was a shock when I took my puppy for a walk!)

I really enjoyed the VE day celebrations - watching clips and wartime songs on the TV, decorating the outside of the house with bunting and spending some time with neighbours for a socially distanced street party!  I really hope that you manged to celebrate in some way and had a great day - I would love to see some pictures!

The weekly work is now on, under the subject icons - please email me if you need any advice.  I will add more bits over the week.  Don't forget BBC Bitesize has daily live or catch-up lessons for each Primary year group.

There is another fantastic resource which has been recently set up ( the Oak National Academy)- I have just had a quick look and it looks fantastic so give it a try, particularly if you feel like you need a change from the other work - it includes Maths, English, foundation subjects and PE.  Here is the address -

Take care xx


PS I have just set up a class photo gallery so send me a picture if you would like to be added.

Thursday 7th May

Hello Year 4, 

I hope you are all well and doing okay.  It's been another lovely, sunny week so I really hope that you've been able to get outside into your gardens or go for lovely walks / runs / bike rides.  I have definitely spent as much time outdoors as possible.


It has been so lovely to speak to so many of you this week too - it has been lovely to chat to your grown-ups about how you and your family are doing - and I have really enjoyed so much some lovely chats to some of you.  I know it is a little strange speaking to your teacher on the phone!  We are so proud of you all and miss you greatly.  Well done for keeping up with reading and some of your work.  If I haven't managed to speak to you yet ( no answer or unavailable numbers ) I will try again on Monday.  


Tomorrow is a very special and important day - the 75th anniversary of VE day ( the end of World War 2).  It is vital to mark this day and I wonder whether any of you will be doing any activities for it - it would be lovely to see some pictures if you are!  I have just posted lots of activities for you if you are interested, including code cracking, wartime recipes, comprehension and colouring pages. 


Take care, and have a lovely day tomorrow and the rest of the weekend. 



Monday 4th May

Good morning Year 4, 

I hope that you had a lovely weekend and managed to get outside  - i know lots of you have been busy outside with your families - having camp fires, building dens, gardening, camping in the garden and flying kites over the last few weeks!   It has been lovely to receive emails from some of you, with some super photos included.  I have also managed to speak to some of you on the telephone - and will continue to try to speak to you this week.if possible.  

This week's English and Maths work are on this page - under the icons for home learning and I will add some Science on this week too.  I have also added 4 more fun Maths games if you would like to try playing those with someone at home.

Take care and stay safe!

Thursday 30th April

Good morning Year 4, 

I hope that you are all well.  I can't believe that it's actually May tomorrow!  The days and weeks definitely seem to be whizzing by, despite this strange time we are living in!

I will be attempting to call you over the phone over the next week, to have a chat with your grown-ups, and hopefully you too.  Don't worry  - it's just for a catch up and to see how you are, and if I can help with anything.


Happy 100th birthday to Captain Tom today.  I wonder if any of you saw on the news the flypast of a Hurricane and Spitfire, to honour him.  He has also been made an Honorary Colonel and has received 140,000 birthday cards ( I wondered if any were from you?)

Take care and enjoy the rest of your day, 

Mrs Hainsworth and Miss Jones  x


Wow!  Just checked on Mathsletics and you've really been working hard.  All of these children have now  also earnt certificates - huge well done!

Harry Sulayman Dina Summer Niamh Isaac Amir Callum Gurkirat Lydia Imogen Harriet Isabella W - you join this list from last time I checked:

James, Grace, Martha, Isabella S, Ben, Francesca, Tayla, Lexi, Illia, Tom



Activities linked to Captain Tom Moore, who is 100 tomorrow

Wednesday 29 April

Hi Year 4,

Well if you like the rain, you will enjoy today!  It defintely seems a big change from when I was sunbathing in the garden ( as well as gardening and painting fences) last week!

I hope that you are all continuing to do well, and trying to do at least some schoolwork tasks.  Thank you so much to those children and famiies that have sent an email - it has been lovely to ear from you and see some of your work and photos!  It's great to stay in touch with you at this time.

The work set is now mostly under subject icons at the top of the page, so hopefully this will be a little easier to navigate.  There are still some ideas of things to do further down the page eg, mindulness and bookmarks - which you might enjoy!


Take care x


Monday 27 April

Hi Year 4 and your families, 

Hope you are continuing to stay safe and well.  We have been so lucky with this beautiful weather haven't we? I do hope that youve been able to get outside for walks or bike rides or playing in the garden.  

Thank you for some of the lovely messages you have sent to the Y4 home learning page - I have been busy replying this morning and am so pleased that many of you are still doing some work and are also keeping active - with bike rides, walks and even helping to clean and tidy!!  We miss you all greatly and cant wait to see you all again, in the not too distant future hopefully!!  I am just about to set some more work for this week further down this page, so try to do some of it - but don't worry if you don't get through it all.  This will include some activities for the new topic in History (The Romans).

Take care and stay safe 

Love from Mrs Hainsworth and Miss Jones xx

Tuesday 21 April


BBC Bitesize Daily is a fantastic new resouce, which launched yesterday.  Click on the link or go to BBC iplayer to watch live Primary lessons from 9am each weekday - or watch on catch up.


Huge well done to these children for spending enough time and earning enough points on Mathsletics to achieve certificates.  Come on the rest of you - see if you can get one too.


James, Grace, Martha, Isabella S, Ben, Francesca, Tayla, Lexi, Illia, Tom


Hope you have all had a lovely day in the sunshine - stay safe and have fun!

Mrs H xx

Monday 20 April

Hi Year 4, 

I hope that you have had a lovely ( slightly unusual ) Easter holiday and got lots of chocolate to enjoy!  I did! I have been trying to keep busy, doing lots of exercise, taking our puppy on walks, painting garden fences and lots of tidying.   We are missing you all and hope to see you again in school before too long, when it is safe to do so. 

Please remember that you can send us a message or photo of what you have been up to at:

I wonder if any of you saw Captain Tom Moore completing his 100th lap of his garden last week.  It was amazing and inspirational to watch.  If you would like to make and send him a birthday card for his 100th birthday on April 30th, you can send them to:

Captain Tom Moore

c/o Marston Moretaine Post Office

67 Bedford Road

Marston Moretaine




Take care and stay safe all of you,

Love Mrs Hainsworth and Miss Jones xx

PS new work has been and will continue to be put on this page again from today, so happy learning!



Monday 30 March

Hi Year 4, 

We hope that you are all staying safe and well and finding some fun things to do with all this extra time - as well as trying to keep up with some of the work we have set, either on this class page or from the yellow book you took home ( if you were in school for the last 2 days ).

Just do your best with the work - and try not to worry about it too much.  The most important thing is to try to have fun and stay happy and be kind to the rest of your family.

We miss you all and hope to see you before too long!

Lots of love 

Mrs Hainsworth and Miss Jones

PS I have added some more work if you need it.  Most important is to keep reading though 

Ideas to do at home ( live classes)

Fun ideas for a time capsule

Learning from home

A guide for using Mathsletics which might help. Well done to those that have been using it!

Online Links


Monday 16th March 2020


Star of the week - Well done to Marley - for working hard in maths all week, with perseverance. Keep it up! Well done to Francesca - for a great attitude and super work in maths all week!


Maths - We will complete some assessments of our recent work. We will also begin a unit on shape - this will include drawing and learning about circles and studying: polygons, eg. triangles.


English - This week, we will write a news report, respond to an illustration, do some hot seating and write a new, short diary entry.


Please keep supporting your child by hearing them read as often as possible, learning spellings thoroughly, learning/practising times tables, and using Mathletics..


Homework is set on a Friday due in the following Friday. 


P.E is on a Tuesday and Wednesday this year. Please make sure your child has their P.E kit in school at all sessions.


Many Thanks 

Mrs Hainsworth/Miss Jones