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Friday 1st May

Hi to all Parents and Carers

I have had a lovely day!!

I spent some time Zooming with Year 6. It was my first Zoom ever (yes I admit it).

It's amazing what you learn: what time the Y6 species emerge from slumber; what the species wear while in slumber; once the species has emerged what they do; the excuses they come up with when they miss an early Zoom and request a place in the last one at 11am!!... hide under tables in their dens; bake; build walls (impressive); play with their new puppy; annoy their sisters and brothers!! (How many times do I have to tell you.... that's what brothers and sisters are for.)

It was utterly lovely to see them all and hear about what they are doing and what they need from school. (Less work from school - well that's not happening ;)

Seriously I was so proud of my children and their teachers. I know that teachers are contacting children and making sure you are all ok.

We miss you all.

Have a great weekend. Get in touch if you need to.

Lots of love 

Mrs. P xx