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Wednesday 6th May

Hi to all Parents and Carers

 I have been in school today to get more work to take home. The end of break bell has just gone!! LOL. Dennis the caretaker is here too and he is painting Mrs. Barnes Office in some pebble colour.

It is all very strange to be here without you all, but Year 6 have been popping up to get their next book to read. It's called 'Journey to the River Sea', so I hope they all like it. It was lovely to see the children and parents. Everyone seems to be happy and enjoying being and working at home. One dad even came to school on his skateboard. Now that is impressive! (I could never master the art of skateboarding myself!).

I did my first TEAMS meeting this morning. it went as well as the chemist visit yesterday! I spent an hour and a half where I could see everyone else and hear them, but they couldn't see or hear me!! I tried everything to no avail.Hey, hey, never mind.

Year 6 parents tell me that they enjoy my daily ramblings. I am so glad and I love hearing about what you have been doing as well, so keep telling me please. I am off home in a bit. I think I might go for a run in the park so you never know I might see some of you?? Maybe I can do a run without something going not quite right.

Lots of love

Mrs Perry: