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Wednesday 19th August

Dear Parents and Carers,


I am writing in response to some questions that parents are worried about.


The children will be doing PE when they return. Coach Leon will have his own Risk Assessment and the children will be doing individual work as much as possible. Where equipment is used the children will have their own individual item - eg. a hoop. All equipment will be disinfected between classes. 


School bags are allowed but we ask that children bring as little as possible with them. They do not need to bring any stationery, however they will need to bring a full water bottle that requires washing and refilling each evening. Details are in the school Risk Assessment, on the school website.


All children are required to wear full school uniform and as per Government guidelines it does not need washing any more often than usual. 


I have tried to include as much detail for the children returning to school in the Risk Assessment, however this will change in accordance to new Government directives and changes will also need to be made once school is 'up and running’. 


I realise that parents will have concerns about returning in September and this is why I have tried to include as much detail as possible in the school Risk Assessment for you to view.


Keep safe and well.


Mrs. Perry