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Wednesday 13th May

Hi to all Parents and  Carers

I do hope that you all have had a lovely day. I am very busy following the PM interesting announcement on Sunday. Pleased be re-assured. St. Margaret's will open to children when I am happy that it is safe to do so. Mr. Longworth, Mrs. Barnes and I have been talking about it ALL day !!!!Yes.... ALL day. We found some old chocolates in Mrs. Barnes draw to help us get through. They were a bit mouldy but Mr. Longworth ate them any way. (Don't tell him I told you though;)

He also has a constant stash of crisps I am finding  hard to resist!! 

The weather has been quite good considering that it was supposed to be really cold all week. I have planted some new things in my back garden and I am especially pleased with my peas (which I have never grown before). Can anyone tell me how to grow peas once they grow tall? Also, I have about thirty sunflower seedlings that will need planting in soil soon. I planted them for you guys. Does anyone want any.?? If they are ready I will bring them to school next week, but you will need to bring a pot of soil!!

Lots of love to you all

Missed you today in school

Mrs. P :(