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Update 26/03/20

My dear parents and carers (and my wonderful children of course)

I am so proud of you all. This week has been very difficult for all of us and we  are beginning to get used to working at home. I am working at home today myself, because no children have come to school yesterday or today. I predict that there will be no children in school tomorrow either. This is because of the commitment you are showing to the safety of the children, parents and staff of St. Margaret's . I cannot thank you enough.

I am in constant touch with colleagues about the provision that can be made for those parents needing a school place for their child in the coming weeks. This is evolving  daily but slowly. 

Please be re-assured (If you can be in these changing times!). I am the Chair Person over all the Head Teachers of Bury, I have the ear of people at the highest level in Bury Council. I am not saying this to sound grand. I am telling you this because it means that:

1. I am telling the council our concerns and shaping their responses and,therefore, our future;

2. I have conference calls with them regularly to share our concerns;

3. I can give you the most up to date information from our council.

It may feel like we are being left in limbo. Please don't think that.

Bury Council are working extremely hard to support all of us. They have a very big picture to think of.

I have been in touch with a very trusted colleague today. She has sent me her friend's thoughts from China. She is a teacher and this has deep meaning for me, for as you know my daughter is a Reception Teacher in Beijing. I am sending her thoughts to you soon.

I miss you all very much and hope that you are all safe.

Lots of love.

Mrs. Perry :)