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Tuesday 5th May

Good evening to Parents and Carers 

Mrs. Barnes has prodded me and told me that I have not been in touch today! It's true but don't worry I hadn't forgotten!!

My reason for being in touch late is simple.... I have been to the chemist! Miss Cloran will back me up on this, as I was talking to her in the half an hour queue! :( (I don't do queuing well). She is doing well btw little Emilia is utterly beautiful!

I have spent ten days trying to organise a prescription. (Don't worry I' m ok!)

I emailed the surgery three times following their instructions. They then texted me to say I needed to email the surgery as they realised they needed to do something.??? I have been in touch with the Docs three times as well as all this on the contact button. They insisted I needed to go to the chemist. I went to the chemist today and stood in a queue for 30 minutes. They then said that I needed to go back to the Docs.... I stood in the doorway. One person is allowed  in at a time. While I was in this little bubble a delightful little old man came into my bubble and I had to gently persuade him that I needed to be in my bubble on my own. We eventually came to an agreement.​

FINALLY I got what I needed. 

It was a bit of a pest, but ... everyone is trying their best and I know you are all too. 

Our NHS is amazing!!

Lots of love

After a stressful day 

Mrs. P ://