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Tuesday 21st July

Hi everyone,


I hope that your week is going well?


I have been pottering around the house and garden. The peas we planted and the sunflowers are doing really well and I am going to have some of the peas with my fish pie tonight!! :) I will try and put some pics on the web for you.

I have rescued three bees from in the conservatory today. Goodness knows why they fly in.


Charlotte has gone to Chester Zoo today with her best friend Alex.

Alex and Char worked in the same school in Beijing together. Alex is having to return to Beijing to teach and Char has got a new job in Warsaw. I am really glad that she isn't having to go back there and I know Alex is a bit scared too.


During lockdown, Charlotte and I have adopted an animal each, from Chester Zoo. I have adopted a capybara (if you don't know what that is you can do a little research on them). I really fell in love with them when I took my Reception Class to Haigh Hall Zoo in ..... oooooo..... 1986!! I'd never seen one before and I found them fascinating. Char has adopted a kimodo dragon. Much more grand don't you think??


Anyway, Josh and I took the cars in for service this morning and we are going to get them in a minute so hope you all have a lovely evening!!


Lots of love .


Mrs. Perry :)