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Tuesday 16th June

Good afternoon Parents and Carers.

I hope your day has gone well. We have survived our second day with Year 6 (or is it that they have survived day two with us??) They are doing really well and are enjoying being with their friends. We recognise that this is another big change for them.

Our Year 1 children will return on the 22nd June and our Reception children a week later. Classroom arrangements are well under way for them.

I would like to CONSIDER extending re-opening the school to more children: our current Year 5. This would be from the week beginning 6th July. Provision for Year 5s is less easy to predict as six of our classrooms are already being used, as is the hall and Hawthorn for the Keyworker children. If our number of KW children continue to grow we will need to use the Year 5 classroom and the school will be at capacity. There will not be room for any more children.

This may not be the case every day. I just do not have that detail yet.

It would be helpful to me if Year 5 parents could email school and register an intention of interest for the 6th July. I would really like to be able to accommodate Year 5s even if it is only for a couple of sessions to meet their new teachers.

If there are more than eight Y5s interested the children would have to come in on  a rota basis because we cannot fit more than eight in the classroom.

 Please can you let school know your intention by the end of Friday this week. I apologise that I cannot be more certain about Y5s returning. It is completely dependent on the number of KW children.


Thank you so much.

Have a lovely evening.

Mrs. Perry