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Thursday 25 June

Good afternoon to you all

I hope you all have your sun tan lotion  on if you are out and about? The children managed really well in school today. It was so hot!

Mrs. Barnes struggled to cope outside this morning letting all you guys in and it wasn't even 9am. Mr. Henry does not like the heat as it makes him grumpy. (I can't tell the difference to be honest ;)

I have been talking to staff about the children moving to their next classes. We are thinking of ways for the children to meet up (either virtually or in person) so that the children can at least see their current and new teacher. More info to follow as soon as possible.

Next week school will welcome back a small number of Reception children and then on the 6 July, Year 5 will be in. School cannot fit all the Year 5s back in all at once and will have to have two bubbles. One on a Monday and Tuesday, the other on a Thursday and Friday. Wednesday will be a deep clean of the room. I am aware that this may not suit everyone.  If you change your mind about a child place in light of this then that is totally understandable.

Staff will still provide a report for your child. Obviously it will be based on our knowledge of where the children were (for the majority) in March. However, we still feel that what they have achieved should be celebrated. The reports will be sent by email before the end of term.

For those parents of children who are attending school, if your child presents with any Covid symptoms: a cough, feeling tired, a high temperature etc then please do not send them in to school. They need to be tested as soon as possible to guarantee a reliable result. The school needs to be informed so that we can contact the parents of the children in the same bubble. If you are  uncertain about the symptoms of C-19, I find that if I phone my GP they will give you some very helpful guidance at some length!!

The new fish in the pond are settling in nicely. They are all swimming round together now. Mr. Perry also bought some new fish for the tank in the kitch and he has cleaned it too! It looks lovely! 

In the garden the broad beans have started to grow as well.

have a lovely evening!

Lots of love.

Mrs. Perry