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Thursday 14 May 20

Dear Parents and Carers


I was in school today and I was so pleased to be able to speak to a number of you in person. This was because you were out for a walk and just passing.  I ran down to the end of the path , so don't worry I was def socially distancing. It was so lovely to see you. I now have someone researching how to grow peas for me and another little guy who wants some of my sunflowers. 

I have been been working really hard today to put a letter together for you all to try to explain the way forward for St. Margaret's. I have to admit that I am finding this to be the most challenging task in my 30 years + of teaching. 

Your class teachers are concerned as are you.  

I will tell you my plans asap and by early next week, so that you can decide what you want to do as parents.

I have already had many parents saying that they are not happy to send their children in to school. They are apologising to me. 

Please DO NOT. I understand. I know that you want to keep your children safe. 

That is what I want too.

Mrs. Perry


Up to date information  tomorrow.

I am in trouble now as Charlotte is making my tea and she is putting it out!!!!

She is putting on Waterloo Road. Yes!!