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Saturday 29th August

Hi everyone,


I hope you are enjoying your weekend?


Plans to re-open St. Margaret's will continue as stated on our website. The Government  issued more guidance late last night. The timing was interesting to say the least, but the vast majority of the changes apply to High Schools in areas of increased risk. Bury is admittedly one of these areas at the moment as you may know.


As we approach the time when we all return, more things occur to me that I need to share. Here goes :)


I have spoken with the Head Teacher at Parrenthorn and there will be staff from both schools situated on Heywood Road as the children come to school. Mr Longworth and I will be there for St. Margaret's children on their first day back. Other staff will be visible on the path up to school, please observe signage. Staff will be there to guide you around our one way system.


Office staff will be present in the area outside the main door (so let's hope it doesn't rain!). If you have a question or a need to speak to them, I ask that this be done via phone or email where possible. Please update the school office if there are any changes to your contact details. School asks that the contact between all adults is kept to a minimum. 


As Bury is an area of high risk at the moment, I ask that parents bringing children to school wear a face mask to keep the risk of cross contamination as low as possible.


It is crucially important that if your child has a cough, a high temperature or if they tell you that their sense of smell and taste has gone, then you must keep them at home.


Please remember that if you need to ask a question, get in touch with the school office. We are here to help.


I am sure that there will be lots of other things that pop in to my head before Wednesday. 


I am looking forward to seeing you all.


Mrs. Perry x