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Monday 7 Dec 20

Good afternoon to all Parents and Carers.

It is so lovely to see Year 6 back today!! We have missed them. The Year 6 staff have decorated the classroom and the room looks very festive.

Schools have been asked by the Government to carry on with the Testing and Tracking System into the Christmas holidays. School will be doing this until Christmas Eve.

If your child has COVID symptoms AND has a positive test, please inform school. This can be done via email. There will not be anyone in the school office from Friday December 18th, when we finish for Christmas, so school is not contactable by phone.

School needs this information so that other children/adults in each class can be forewarned that there has been a positive case in the class. Your family will then be able to make a judgement on whether you need to alter your Christmas plans. As a parent myself, I would want to know this information.

Between the 24th December and the 4th January, school staff will be taking a well earned break.

If your child has symptoms or a positive test on the 4th January, school needs to know so that we can make any necessary arrangements for the new term. School re-opens on the 6th January.

If your child has symptoms DO NOT SEND THEM IN TO SCHOOL. These are the rules! This  applies even if they have been isolating and have not been out of the house. The likelihood is that other family members will have been.

I cannot stress this enough.

Keep safe and well Mrs. Perry.