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Monday 29th June

Good afternoon all
What a wet and miserable day. Still the gardens needs a good soaking and they are certainly getting it. Nutty the frog had disappeared from by the back door when I checked yesterday. However!!!! there are now four frogs happily checking out the back garden. Perhaps we should call them George, Ringo, Lennon and McCartney. (You may need to explain this to your children). (In fact, I may need to explain it to most of my staff!!) Or perhaps we could name them after the members of a girl band. ?? Suggestions??
Please be re-assured. School is trying its utmost to plan for the future. We are three weeks from the end of term. I am working with staff to arrange times when teachers can speak to all the children, especially the ones that have not been invited into school, because they were not on the Government priority list. Whatever school has done, it has always had the well-being and safety of the children, parents and staff at heart and this will remain the case.
I am still waiting to find out about when school will need to close over the summer because of major drainage work. The not knowing is as frustrating for me as it is for you. There is a flood in the staffroom as I write this.
September remains an unknown. I am just about to go into a meeting with the Local Authority to try and urge them to support heads in devising a Bury Plan. I am not sure this will happen. It may be interesting for you to know that St. Margaret's was built for 190 children. We currently have 245 on roll. The LA has recognised formally that all our classrooms are too small, without having to plan for the social distancing for C-19. I am waiting to see what  the Government suggests this week, and then I will try to plan for September.
Have a lovely evening.
Chat tomorrow.
Mrs. Perry. XX