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Message from Mrs Perry

Dear St. Margaret’s children and parents/carers

In most fairy tales, the characters in a book need to solve or overcome a problem. There is always a happy ending where things end up better than they were before. This is one of those times. For a while we are going on a journey which will mean we need to stay apart until things are made better and we can come back together again.
I know lots of you are worried about a bug that is making people sick. Our wonderful doctors and nurses are working very hard to make people better and find a cure.
The people in charge of our country think they can look after us better and find the cure quicker if we stay apart for a while. So we must be brave and do what they say.
Your teachers will be teaching and caring for you in a different way for a while. They have provided work for you to do and will give you ideas of what you can carry on doing on our website and the hub- please ask a grown up to look regularly.
Keep working hard, try your best and talk about your worries.
Your teacher will understand if you are finding this all hard as they are too.
Listen to your family and remember to be kind to each other. Please help with jobs around the house and remember that this will only be for a while.
Before you know it, we will be back at school, learning, playing and having fun together.
We will miss you all very much and will be thinking about you and hoping that you and your family are well every day.
Sending lots of love and best wishes


God bless

Mrs. Perry