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Friday 9th July

Dear Parents and Carers

We have got to the end of another week safely and the end of term is in sight. Please continue to keep to systems we have in place in school. We would not want to fall at the last hurdle and have anyone having to isolate in the holidays.

Thank you to the parents of the children who enjoyed sports day yesterday. It was a lovely occasion, shared with you safely. I must admit I was nervous about it but I think that is as a result of habit over the last 18 months.

On Monday, school will be open as usual, but I get the feeling that not everyone will be in school on time! If that is the case then no one will be given a late mark on Monday. I am asking staff to plan a flexible morning with lovely activities around the result we are all hoping for!

Have a lovely weekend and let's hope for a win!!!


Mrs Perry