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Friday 6th November

Hi everyone

I thought I would email you all as we get to the end of the first week of the new half term. I can feel that there is more anxiety as we move into a new lockdown. We need to continue to be strong and look out for each other. St. Margaret's is well placed to do this as we are a close community. Staff have got to know parents and carers better as we chat at staggered entry and exit times, sometimes in the rain! This is been a real positive in the current situation.

Personally, I have enjoyed getting to know you better and learning more about your families. Staff are at hand every morning and at the end of school if you are worrying aboutĀ  something.

We all have to be prepared for our children working at home at some point. School staff are included in this because they have families of their own. We want to teach your children face to face, but this may not happen as it normally would. My daughter has started teachingĀ  in Warsaw at the British School. Her school shut today for a month because of the spread of COVID. It is happening everywhere. In light of the current situation, if you know that your child would struggle to access remote learning, please let your child's class teacher know.

The school had been given an allocation of 17 laptops under the government scheme. They have now backtracked on this and we do not now know how many laptopsĀ  St. Margaret's will be offered if any. I am challenging this but I am unsure what will happen.?

The children have had a good week in school and it has been lovely to watch them having a good time in class and on the playground.

Keep safe and well and have a lovely weekend.

See you on Monday.

Mrs. Perry.