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Welcome to Lilac





Welcome to Lilac.

I'm Miss Fellone the Lilac Class teacher.

Mrs Hutchinson is our class teaching assistant.

Miss Lynch and Mrs McBride are our support assistants.

Together we are going to have lots of fun learning new things!

We are looking forward to a fantastic year with you all.


We can be contacted throughout the year on the following email:



Weekly Class News:


Monday 5th December 2022


What a fantastic week! We loved our dress rehearsal on Friday, please remember to make sure that all children have their outfits ready in school for the big show. 


We have so many pictures to share which will be in the Learning Journals. 

Bauble Ceremony (School Events)

Gingerbread Monsters (Literacy)

3D shape Hunt (Maths)

Christmas Fair (School Events) 


We were super excited to meet our naughty elf in the classroom. Meet Elfis Presently, who is looking for trouble and came to the right place. We cannot wait to find out what chaos Elfis will be causing in the classroom!





This Week's Learning: Maths


  • Identifying 1 less.

  • Looking at different coins and their values. 


How you can recap previous learning in maths...

-Identifying properties of 2D shapes. Naming 3D shapes. 

-Identifying symmety in everyday items. 

- Practice part/whole models up to 10. 

- Playing the game Hit the Button 

- Identifying one more than a given number.

- Counting Forwards and backwards to 100. 

- Beginning to solve basic number problems by counting on. 




We have now started basic 5 of phonics and the children are very excited! In basics 5, we start learning about sounds which 'sound the same but look different' for example ay and ai.  If you would like to find out more about what we are learning please click on 'Learning Journals', 'Phonics', 'Parents Newsletter', 'Basics 5'. This week will be group 4. 





In Literacy, we are introducing our new story book 'Suprising Sharks'. We can not wait to learn more about sharks and begin to develop our knowledge of grammar techniques. We will also be looked at adding -ed to past tense verbs. 



How you can help at home...

  • Make sure that your child is secure in identifying and using Basics 3 sounds.
  • Encourage practise of tricky tess words for basics 2, 3 and 4 (see below). 
  • Practice polysyllabic words (eg. farmyard, carpark, bedroom)
  • Practise letter formation at home. Make sure that asenders and descenders are clear. 






Miss Fellone😊







Class information:


P.E: This will be on a Tuesday and Friday for Year 1. Please ensure long hair is tied back and that earrings are taken out.  


Year 1 Spellings: Spellings will be sent home on a Wednesday for the children to practice. The children will be tested on these the following Wednesday. Please ensure their purple spelling folder is returned every Wednesday ready for the new spellings for the week. The children will start with 5 words and work their way up to 10 words in total. 5 words will be from the words in the term section below and 5 words will be high-frequency words for Year 1. 


Homework: The Year 1 children will have a black homework folder that will be sent home with work inside to complete. This will be sent home on Fridays and is expected to be returned to school by the following Wednesday. Please encourage your child to ensure this is completed. 


Reading: Please support your child and ensure they read at home every night (even just for 15 minutes) as this will support them greatly. The books will only be changed if they have read them at home so ensure you have signed their reading books.  


Library Books:  Library books will be given out and collected in on Fridays. You are encouraged to read these books with your child as often as possible to increase your childs love of reading. 





Class Curriculum:


Here you will find the curriculum for Lilac Class for Year 1. 

Under each term you will find the curriculum overview and the spellings for that term. 

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