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Y2 SATS SPaG Mixed Practice

Hi there Special Agents, are you ready to have a practice of some more question types from past Grammar SAT tests? Check out these new questions and see how many you know and let Mrs G help you out with any that might be a bit tricky!

Y2 Spag SAT practice 2 - Punctuation practice

Hey there Special Agents! Check out this week's grammar top tips, can you choose the correct punctuation to answer these questions? Good luck!

Y2 SPaG SATs conjunction questions

Hey there Special Agents, can you choose the correct conjunction to complete these SAT style questions?

Y2 SATs Spelling Common Exception words Special

Hi Special Agent Spellers, are you ready to train your spelling brain again? Can you spot the correct spelling of 10 of our Y2 Common Exception words before I tell you the answers?

Year 2 Spellings SATs - Can you spot the correct spelling? 2018 spellings set 1

Can you identify whether a word is a noun, verb or adjective in a sentence? Check out these top tips and see if you can find the correct answer in these SAT style questions.