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Welcome to Hawthorn



Welcome to Hawthorn Class. My name is Mrs Wainman and along with Mrs Devine we hope you have a great time in Hawthorn class.

We have lots of exciting things to do in class this year. Just check out our curriculum jigsaws.


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Thursday 2nd July

Good afternoon.

A little bit drier today so Luke has managed to cut the garden. With all this rain and heat the grass was wild.

I 'think' I've managed to set up a couple of zoom meetings. They are for Thursday 9th July either 10am or 11am.  Please check your emails for the invitation. If you have not received an email then I've been unable to find your email address. If you can let me have your email ASAP I'll add you to the list.

If the time is inconvenient please let me know and I will try my best to rearrange.

The government have issued guidelines for schools in September I'm sure Mrs Perry will keep you all updated.

See you soon,

Mrs W

Alex's recycling project

Jack's cartwheel

Still image for this video

Promoting Positivity

senses scavenger hunt

Bug Hunt

Leaf Investigation

Captain Tom Moore

2020 covid-19 time capsule

Home Learning Resources

Wednesday 1st July


Good morning. I am in school today so just a quick message. I am trying to set up a zoom meeting for Hawthorn class on Thursday 9th July at 10 am. If you wish your child to join the meeting please make sure I have an up to date email address then I can send you the invitation. Keep everything crossed I'll do my best.


Alex has also sent me a picture of a toucan he has drawn and a poem he has written from the new pack of work. Have a look in the gallery to see for yourself. I'm hoping to e sent another pack next week as these have been well received by a number of parents.


See you soon,

Mrs W

Monday 29th June

Good afternoon. I hope you're all well.

Once again I'm in school again tomorrow so I'm putting the usual resources in the relevant folders on Sunday afternoon. Luckily, there's no cricket.

I've also found some new packs call 'Classroom secrets' which I've uploaded below. It's a little late and I'm starting them on week ten. They look interesting, fun to do and also look easier for your child to access independently. If your child enjoys them let me know and I will send you the previous weeks.

The weather is disappointing at the moment. Stanley is scared of the rain as he associates it with thunder so he won't go out!!! At least the gardens will be well watered and my roof is fixed !!!!!laugh

Hope to see you soon,

Mrs W

Thursday 25th June


Good afternoon. Phew it's hot isn't it?cool

I've been in school for three days this week. It's great seeing all the children.

It was really hot yesterday so our key worker group managed to grab the shade under the tree. Mrs Owen bought us all an ice lolly which cooled us down.

I've managed to speak to most of you today and I will try the others again on Tuesday next week. I've not managed to speak to Ava P or Ismael since we finished if anyone sees them please tell them I've been trying to contact them.

I will hopefully be setting up some form of transition to Y3 before we officially finish so watch this space for future details.

Off to peg the washing out now .laugh

See you soon,

Mrs W

Monday 22nd June


Good afternoon, I'm writing this Sunday afternoon as I am in school tomorrow so it would be late before I could get this weeks work on. It's in the relevant folders.

Hope you all had a great weekend and spoiled your dads. We had a take away curry which was yummy.

You'll be pleased to know that I have finally had my roof fixed which I was very pleased with when I heard the heavy rain last night.

Should you wish any extra work to do if you type in google ' oaknationalacademy' then it will bring up a series of online lessons in maths, english, PSHE and foundation subjects and you can pick your year group.

Anyway I'll look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow.


Mrs W


Tuesday 16th June

Good afternoon. I've been in school this afternoon to set up Hawthorn class for key worker children. it was hot work as the number of key worker children is growing. Y6 have settled into the new way of working in their 'bubbles'

Our recent mathletics stars are: Emily silver and x2 bronze, Alex silver and x2 bronze,

George x2 bronze, Jack bronze and Sadie x3 bronze. Well done guys keep it up.

Alex has been extremely busy helping his family with recycling, completing the recycling work and creating a powerpoint about his Grandad . Check it out below.


Hugs to you all, 

Mrs W

Monday 15th June

Good afternoon . Sorry about the delay with the work this morning but my internet was playing up.

Well the rain didn't come at weekend did it ?  Which was good for me as my roof still isn't fixed !!angry

The maths and english are in this weeks folders if you need it. 

Y6 start back today. 24 children are coming back and they are in three pods of eight. It will be great to see school slowly coming back to life but it will look very different than it did before lockdown.

Jack and his sister have been really busy during lock down and Katie has even taught Jack how to do a cartwheel ( check out the video ).

I'm off to check on our mathletics stars.



Stay safe ,

Mrs W

Tuesday 9th June

Good afternoon . Still no joy pinning down a roofer. One is meant to be coming this afternoon so fingers crossed.frown

Evie has been very busy during lockdown. She's been drawing lots of pictures, made a cardboard house for her dolls and has grown lots of plants and flowers. (see below)

I've also found a senses scavenger hunt that you might enjoy.

Stanley says hi. as you can see he's very tired after a long walk.wink

Would love to receive more pictures of what you have done or made and I'll share them on here.


Mrs W x

Friday 19th June

Good morning I hope you're all well.

I've been in school three days this week and it has been lovely to see and speak to some children . I was lucky enough to meet up with four children from Hawthorn- Leo, Carmen, Sophia and Alfie. Y6 are settling into the new routine of school as well. I'm in school next week for four days but I'll try on Thursday to speak to the children I've not seen in school.

I've found another scavenger hunt which is especially for Fathers Day . You could do it with your Dad or any other person in your household on Sunday. (see below)

Also why not try your hand at a little bit of poetry . I've put the link below to a poetry writing resource full of ideas to get you started. I'd love to read some of your finished poems.

Anyway, I'm still waiting for my roofer . Hopefully he will arrive today as with so much rain we've had to use umbrellas inside !!! Not quite but it's been very frustrating.

Have a great weekend.

Love Mrs W


Monday 8th June


Good morning I hope you all had a good weekend. Unfortunately the weather has not been as nice has it ?

I was disturbed very early Saturday morning when Luke, my eldest son woke me up. The rain was coming through his bedroom ceiling!!!! We are now on our 3rd roofer to come and fix it hopefully before the next lot of rain.

I have updated the maths and english folders with this weeks work. Also summer 2 science. There is also a new Talk for Writing unit called Superheroes.

 Please look at the new task in Folder 'Posting Positivity'. If you want, please write a letter to people in our communities that are isolated during the covid-19 pandemic. The idea is that we can help people to feel less alone in these strange times. Any letters can be handed in at Tesco's or emailed in.

Oliver has been very busy and has completed the castle investigation in the maths folder. I think his brother and sister helped him out too. I've included some pictures below. Well done Oliver , perhaps more of you would like to give it a go.

Be in touch soon,

Mrs W

Thursday 4th June

Good afternoon . I hope you are all well. If I've not had chance to speak to you I will try again this afternoon after that it will be Monday as I am in school tomorrow.

A lot of you seem impressed with Jack's maths so I've put a link in our maths section called Y3 addition. We've done the same process with two digit numbers , it is just dealing with larger numbers. Please don't feel you have to use it but it is just there if you fancy it.

Keep safe ,

Mrs W

Wednesday 3rd June

Good morning .

I think there is only a few children I have not spoken to or made arrangements to speak to .I'll carry on trying the ones I've missed.

I've put the first science lesson in the science folder- summer 2.

Also see below at the marvellous maths Jack has been doing in preparation for Y3. Mr Henry and Mrs Launders will be impressed!! laugh


See you soon,

Mrs W

Jack's maths

Jack's maths 1
Jack's maths 2
Jack's maths 3
Jack's maths 4

Tuesday 2nd June


Good afternoon . Phew it's hotsmiley

I've been looking at mathletics it's great to see that so many of you have been going on it. 

Recent certificate are: George bronze /silver, Sadie bronze x2 /silver, Minnie bronze x3, Jack bronze, Emily bronze x3, Alex bronze x2 . Well done to you all keep it up.

It.s been great to speak to some of you today. Don't worry if I've missed you I'll try again tomorrow. Everyone seems to be ok and are enjoying the sunshine. I've even found out that Rayyan has learnt to hoover, wash the pots and bake !!! So Mrs Devine and I will be waiting to sample what you make.wink

Jack and his sister Katie have been fishing and Katie caught an enormous fish check this out on Y5s lockdown gallery. Isla has been helping in the garden by watering the plants but she ended up getting very wet.

One parent has also recommended a website 'Reading Egg' It's free for 30 days and is apparently very good.

Keep safe 

Mrs Wcool

Monday 1st June

Good afternoon . I hope you had a great half term.

Sorry I am a little late getting this weeks work on the website this week I've been in school with the other teachers trying to make sure it is safe for some of Y6 to return on the 8th. It will all be very different to what we are used to. Mrs Perry will keep you informed about other year groups starting. The maths and english are in the relevant folders and watch this space for the other work.

If you can email any pictures I would love to put them in our 'Lockdown Gallery"

We managed to have a lovely barbecue in the sunshine this weekend. Stanley lay in his paddling pool most of the afternoon as he was just too hot.

I've also found another scavenger hunt sheet. It's like the leaf hunt but this time it's a bug hunt. Why not give it a go.

I'll start ringing around again very soon as I love hearing about what you've been up to .

Mrs Devine sends her love too.


Speak soon,

Mrs W xx

Wednesday 27th May

Good afternoon. Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine.

Mr Longworth has asked me to share the link below.

It is on e safety and informs parents how to keep your child safe online, especially during the current climate we live in. Gaming is covered as well as plenty of APPs.

from Mrs W

Tuesday 26th May

Happy half term.

I'd like to share some photos with you .

Josh and Zach have been busy making a scarcrow to protect Josh's sunflower.

Friday 22nd May

Well I do believe that we are at the end of another half term!!!

Did you see Mrs Perry on the news the other evening?

I won't be setting any work next week on the website. However, I've found an activity booklet (with answers!!) that you might be interested in.

Mrs Devine and I are having zoom technology difficulties but we will be in touch soon over a zoom call.

Have a great half term.

Love Mrs W

Tuesday 19th May


Good afternoon.

It's my birthday today , a very strange one!!!

I've done my ironing in my new top, new shoes and new perfume!!!

I've got some lovely presents and cards and I'm sure we will celebrate properly after lockdown.

We are going to have a take away curry tonight so I am looking forward to that.

Adyan has been very busy and has sent me some pictures which I've put in the gallery.

Mrs Perry received a letter from Bury LEA saying that school will not be opening on 1st June.

I've found a lovely idea for in your gardens. I don't think you need as many pots but this might be a lovely thing to try using sweetpeas or other climbing plants. I'm going to try it and I'm not very greenfingered.

Stay safe,

Mrs W

Picture 1

Monday 18th April


Good afternoon. I hope you're all well.

I thought the sunshine was due back today but it has not happened has it.

Was great speaking to some of you last week .I'm going to try and catch up with the others this afternoon.

I've uploaded this weeks english, maths, science and geography to the relevant areas.

I've also managed to find another forest school pack which I know some of you have found fun.

There is also an additional unit in Talk for Writing on Rainbows.

You have also been busy:

Alex and his sister have created a powerpoint about VE day - their nana was a member of the land army.

Sophia has also been very creative and built herself a fantastic horse.

Excellent work guys.

Keep an eye on Mrs Perry's updates about returning to school.

See you soon.

Mrs W

Thursday 14th May


Good afternoon . I hope you're all well.

I was in school yesterday with just four children . It was lovely to see them and we had a great time.

Mrs Perry and Mr Longworth were in discussing what Mr Johnson has announced and I'm sure they will keep you well informed.

If you are interested I've found a website offering weekly activities around online safety. They have specific workbooks for infants. The link is below. You have to create an account but it's completely free during lockdown.

We have lots of mathletics certificates to award . These children have gained an award since the 4th May

Bronze: Minnie, George, Jack, Emily, Ahmed, Alex, Oliver, Sadie

Silver: Jack, Emily, 

A very special mention to Emily who has achieved our first gold award. Well done .

I'll be trying to ring you all again so hopefully I'll speak to you soon.

Missing you all lots,

Mrs W x

Monday 11th May


Good morning we hope you've had a good weekend.

The difference in temperatures between Saturday and Sunday was vast wasn't it.

We completed an on line quiz on Saturday night which was fun.

We've uploaded your weekly maths , english , geography and science lessons into the relevant folders.

Also, we've put a castle maths investigation . Why not check this out and we will love to see what you end up with.

In addition to this we have included a leaf investigation sheet which you might enjoy. Try and spot the different tree on you daily walk.

Our Prime Minister wasn't very clear last night was he? Mrs Perry will keep us all updated on the website as soon as we know more.


Hope to see you soon,

Mrs W and Mrs D

Tuesday 5th May

Hi good morning.

I am trying to set up a 'Lockdown Gallery' on our website page.

Please could you send me pictures of things you have made or things you have done and I'll upload them on the website. It's fine if you want to be on them as long as it is OK with your parents.

Look forward to seeing all the exciting things you've done.

Mrs W

Monday 4th May

Hope you all had a good weekend.

I've put maths, english, science and geography in the appropriate folders.

I'm sure you will enjoy the activities.

I went for a long walk with Stanley on Saturday at one point he lay down and refused to walk!!!!

I put a picture that Oliver has drawn below I'm sure you will agree he has done an amazing job. He went on you tube - how to draw cars and followed the instructions. I think Alex has also been drawing animals too. This might be a fun thing to try.

Our star mathletic students are:Oliver, Ahmed, Harper, George, Jack, Emily and Sadie who have all achieved a bronze award recently. Special mentions to Ahmed and Alex who have achieved silver awards.

Loved speaking to you all if I've missed you I'll try again this afternoon.

Stay safe.

Mrs W

Friday 1st May

Well here we are at the end of another week.

It's been lovely speaking to some of you on the telephone this week. I've left a message with some of you.

I'll aim to speak to the rest of you early next week.

You can always drop us an email if there is something you want to tell me.

Mrs Devine is going to run a zoom session next week I'll put the details on here when I have them.

Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs W

Tuesday 28th April

Good afternoon.

We've been in touch with Izzy today and look at this fantastic bug hotel she has made in her garden.

It's fantastic!!!!!

We would love to see any other things you have made.


Mrs W and Mrs D

Monday 27th April


Hi I hope you've had a good weekend. We spent Saturday playing scrabble in the garden I lost!!!

I've put the weekly lessons in maths, english, science and geography if you fancy doing them.

I've also uploaded an independent working booklet below. Again, its just there if you need it don't feel under any pressure to complete it.

On a lighter note I've found this poem that I would like to share with you. I know we won't be doing the SATs this year but this poem just puts them into context.


SATS don't measure sports

SATS don't measure art,

SATS don't measure music,

Or the kindness in your heart.


SATs don't see your beauty,

SATs don't know your worth,

SATs don't see the reasons,

You were put upon this earth.


SATs don't see your magic,

How you make others smile,

SATs don't time how quickly,

You can run a mile.


SATs don't hear your laughter,

Or see you've come this far,

SATs are just a tiny glimpse,

Of who you really are.


So sitting at your table,

With pencil and your test,

Remember SATs aren't who you are,

Remember you're the best !!!!


Was great to receive emails from you and read what you've been up to over lockdown.

Hope to see you soon.

Mrs W


Friday 24th April

Well we made it to the end of the week.

As many of you seemed to have enjoyed the forest school pack over Easter we've managed to secure another pack which we've uploaded below. Please let us know how you go on with it and any pictures would be great to see. 

Have a great weekend.

Mrs W and Mrs D


PS We've also included solutions to one of the puzzles

Thursday 23rd April


Hello again . Another beautiful day.

Mr Longworth has set up different folders on our webpage and I have populated the folders with the relevant materials. I hope you find this a little easier to navigate.

I've signed our class up to a phonics and comprehension site- Readingwise which is free during the lockdown. If you're interested drop me a quick email and I'll send you your individual log in. I wanted to have a play and see what it was like so we have a new pupil in our class. Meet Stanley Wainman below.


Stay safe 

Mrs W

Stanley Wainman Hawthorn 2020

Stanley Wainman Hawthorn 2020 1

Wednesday 22nd April


Good afternoon.

Isn't the weather beautiful? We hope you are managing to get outside in the garden or for your hour of exercise. Today is World Earth Day I've been recommended these books that aim to nourish a child's live of the outside world and ensure our children grow up as environmentally conscious adults protecting and nurturing our natural world. You will probably be able to download them on a kindle or order them from Amazon if you're interested.

A River by Marc Martin- A child's imagination about a river's journey to the sea. along the way, they pass lots of different landscapes and habitats. This will encourage curiosity about rivers and streams  and even unusual pathways when they next go on a walk.

The Street Beneath My Feet by Charlotte Guillian- How the world appears beneath the streets in city and countryside.

A Walk Through Nature: A Clover Robin book by Libby Walden- Showcases the journey of the seasons and how nature changes around them.

Hope you're all well, would love to see any pictures of things you have made or drawn. Just send them on

See you soon,

Mrs W and Mrs D



Tuesday 21st April

Good morningsmiley

We realised on the news yesterday that BBC Bitesize daily are producing lessons each day for all areas of the curriculum. Famous people including David Attenborough and Aguero will complete a lesson each day for the next few weeks. This might be worth checking out.


Missing you all,

Mrs W & Mrs D


PS We've just been on mathletics and we are very pleased to announce that every member of Hawthorn have been on. Special mention to Sadie, Emily, Ahmed and Oliver who have achieved bronze and silver certifcates. laugh

Monday 20th April


Welcome to summer term. I hope you are all well.

Our topic for this half term is 'Animals'

In science - animals including humans. 

which will include knowing that animals have offspring that grow into adults, animals have basic needs and the importance of exercise.

In geography - .Learn about common mammals found in the African Savanah, the Australian outback, and about domestic farm mammals and domestic pet mammals. Learn about their characteristics, needs and life cycles. Learn about common mammals found in the African Savanah, the Australian outback, and about domestic farm mammals and domestic pet mammals. Learn about their characteristics, needs and life cycles.

I will be putting a weekly activity for science and geography on here for you to complete.

Missing you all.


Mrs W and Mrs D


PS We've put additional links in the subject sections below . You can always check them out if you're short of something to do. There is 'Talk for Writing' home booklet, RSPCA activities, White Rose  and NCETM maths activities, science activities, scholastic reading activities

Friday 17th April

As some of you may know there is a gentleman who is 100 at the end of the month and he is walking 100 laps of his garden to raise money for the NHS at this difficult time. Amazingly, he has raised over £18 million. This is an amazing effort. I wonder if any of you would like to make and send him a birthday card?

Please don't feel you have to but I just thought it was a lovely idea.

I've attached the address if you wish to send him a card.

Hope to see you soon.

Mrs W

Wednesday 15th April

Hello again Mrs Devine has sent me some maths games which look fun.

They only need a dice or maybe some playing cards. 
They are for all of KS1 so you might be able to play them with a younger brother or sister.

If you want to challenge yourself keep an eye on KS2 classes for the KS2 games which should be coming soon.

Have fun, thanks Mrs D!!


Love , Mrs W

Tuesday 14th April

Hello , I hope you had a lovely Easter and managed to eat lots of chocolate eggs.

I've been on lots of walks with my dog Stanley and he has enjoyed swimming in the Jumbles.

It's been lovely weather so I've also had chance to get out in the garden.

Please find below our weekly activities for maths and english. I hope you find these useful.

Don't forgot all the activities are still valid including mathletics, TT rockstars and purple mash.

For lalilo phonics programme you need to send me an email then I can send you the code to log in.

Keep in touch,

Mrs W

Tuesday 7th April

Good morning I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine today.

I know it is officially the Easter holidays but I've found this pack from Forest Schools and it looks like it includes some fun, interesting activities. It might help keep your little ones busy.

I've included it below and would be grateful, if you use it, if you give me a little bit feedback as they've promised me more.

Enjoy all the Easter eggs.

Love from,

Mrs W

Friday 3rd April

Good morning. I hope you're all keeping well.

I've been looking on our mathletics site and need to give a big shout out to Ismael, Minnie, Emily, Ahmed and Oliver who have managed to achieve their bronze award since being off. Also Minnie, Oliver and Emily have managed to get their silver award so an extra big well done to them.

I've set multiplication and division work for you to complete which is reinforce the work we've just done in class. It would be great if  more of you were able to get onto mathletics. Let's try to be the first class to get everyone taking part.

In addition to this, I've put a link below to a novel study on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This should keep you busy over Easter.

Would love to hear from you

Have a great Easter.

Keep safe, 

Mrs W


PS just found this sounds like a great idea . Give it a go 

Thursday 2nd April


Hello again .

I've put a parents guide for mathletics in the maths section below.

Also I've found these activities on the mum educates site.

One is a maths scavenger hunt which looks fun.

The other is Easter maths puzzles . I've put the link below .

I've also put links to a science website and to national geographic for children.

BBC Bitesize also covers all areas of the curriculum so might be worth a look


Stay safe,

Mrs W

Home Schooling


As of Monday 23rd March school will only be open to children whose parents are key workers. (see government list) . This will need to be prearranged with school. I have added work below for your child to complete. This will be regularly updated as we progress. I will also be going on Purple Mash at regular intervals and checking 2 email.


Should there be any problems please e mail me on:


Thank you for your support during this difficult time.

Other Resources