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Latest News 18.10.21


Sorry to inform you that we have had another positive case in Hawthorn Class. So once again school are asking you to be very vigilant as your child has been in contact with a positive case. Government guidelines do recommend that you get a PCR test when this is the case. If your child shows symptoms please keep them at home and get them a PCR test.

So our finish time will remain at 3:20pm until after half term to avoid congestion on the school grounds. We once again will be unable to change library books as the children cannot have access to the library.

Fingers crossed that we will all return after half term COVID free and healthy.


Monday : maths, english, history

Tuesday : maths, english. science

Wednesday: maths, english, RE

Thursday: Maths, english, ICT

Friday: Maths, english, PSHE


Welcome to Hawthorn



Welcome to Hawthorn Class. My name is Mrs Wainman and along with Ms Monks we hope you have a great time in Hawthorn class. 

We have lots of exciting things to do in class this year. Just check out our curriculum jigsaws.

We will also beginning our Spanish curriculum with Mrs Townley once a week.


Should you need to contact us please use the email address below. Please remember no question is silly especially if it stops your child worrying. We will get back to you ASAP


Wednesday 6th October

Please could you send in an empty , plastic pop/water bottle


Mrs W & Ms M xsmiley

Wednesday 29th September 

Message from Mrs Perry

Good afternoon to Key Stage 1 parents.
I am writing to let you know further information about Lilac, Oak and Hawthorn Classes from Monday next week.  School promised to review arrangements by the end of September and we have done so.
From Monday the Key Stage 1 children will form one bubble. This means that more activities can be done in year groups.
From Monday, Year 1 will do P.E., R.E and Music together. Year 2 can also do Spanish together.
PE day for Years 1 and 2 is Tuesday.
Willow Class and Reception children in Lilac Class do PE on Thursday.
Lunchtimes and playtimes will be done in year groups.
I am sure there will be more information for you from the class teachers by the end of the week so keep an eye on the class pages on the school website.
Keep safe and well.
Mrs. Perry

Friday 15th October.


Here we are at the end of another week. Luckily children are beginning to return after self isolating.

We will remain in our bubble with a 3:20pm finish till Monday. Should we have no more positive cases over weekend we shall return to normal on Tuesday so fingers crossed.

We has an informal zoom meeting with the children who have been off on Thursday which was lovely for children in school and at home.

It is photos on Tuesday so your child will need to come in uniform with sports shoes so they can still access the PE lesson and have a photograph taken.

It's parents evening on Thursday . If you have not received a time for your call then please contact me and I can arrange this for you.

Sorry to mess you about but we will have to return to PE Monday and Tuesday as other classes timetable commitments are giving us very few slots to choose from. Please can you inform other parents of the alteration (again)sad

Our mathletics superstars this week are :Mays, Zack, Sam, Mila, James, Zain, Jack PR,  Samia, Georgia, Zoya and Holly (bronze) and an extra special mention for Sam, Zain and Mila who have achieved our first silver certificates.

Ted has gone home this weekend with Jack PR and I know that he will have a great time as it's Jack's birthday party and he will see many of the children.

Have a great weekend.



Mrs W xx







One change this year is that when your child does PE (Tuesday and Wednesday) they will be allowed to come to school in their PE kits. White t shirt and red shorts and as the weather gets colder plain black joggers. Please no earrings on PE days.

Your child will come home with a reading book . On their folder there will be their reading days. Please make sure their book comes in on those days. However, if your child finishes a book before their reading day this can be changed on any day.

Your child can bring a pencil case if they wish to. Everything they need is in school so this is not essential but I do know some children like their own pencil case. However, each child will need to take responsibility for their own belongings and the rule is it needs to fit in their school tray.









Spelling : to be returned Wednesday

Maths : to be handed in on Monday








Overall aims of this teaching sequence:

 To explore a high quality picture book which allows children to put themselves inside the story and empathise with characters and their issues and dilemmas

 To engage with illustrations throughout a picture book to explore and recognise the added layers of meaning these can give to our interpretation of a text

 To explore themes and issues, and develop and sustain ideas through discussion, enabling children to make connections with their own lives

 To develop creative responses to the text through drama, poetry, storytelling and artwork

 To write in role in order to explore and develop empathy for characters


Claude in the City

  • To discuss themes and issues that arise, making connections with their own lives
  •  To explore and develop ideas through talk and to listen to each other’s responses
  • To develop creative responses to the text through drama, play and artwork
  • To write in role in order to explore characters and events
  • To compose and perform own poetry



The main focus will be addition with the following objectives being covered:

– Fact families
– Check calculations
– Compare number sentences
– Related facts

- addition of multiples of ten 

- using known facts

- addition crossing the ten


Y2 Curriculum



Please see the curriculum overviews in the relevant term below for details of what we are doing in the curriculum. The weekly spelling words can also be found there. There are ten spellings each week. Ms

Smart will increase the spellings to fifteen  when we have settled in. Please help and support your child in learning these words throughout the year.  Spellings will be given on a Wednesday to be tested on the following Wednesday.



Spellings will be part of the homework .

Other homework will be set on a Friday to be handed in on a Monday. This is likely to be maths or english but may also be other areas of the curriculum history research or even art 



Once established in Hawthorn class your child will receive a home reader. Please encourage your child to read to an adult for 5 minutes each day.  They will be given at least one reading day in school but we encourage each child to change their book when it has been completed. Please ensure their reading record is signed then we can facilitate this.



PE will be on a Monday and Tuesday . Please send in a PE kit which we will keep in school and send home each holiday. Please make sure all items are named.