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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!




Miss McGarraghy and Mr Longworth - Year 6 Teachers


Welcome to Year 6. We lead a fantastic team of staff who are here to make 

Year 6 the most productive, successful and enjoyable year ever!

As Year 6 is the last year at St.Margaret's, working hard and embracing

all aspects of school life is something we encourage you to do.

We will help you develop your independence, confidence and skills in order for you

to move through the SATS and prepare you for high school.




Year 6 Class News - 25/6/18


This week we will be working on our writing skills. 

We will be bringing the production for out production of Bugsy Malone to the stage. 

Continuing with our IPC Topic The Holiday show.



Please see the curriculum overviews in the letter archive for details of what we are doing in the curriculum. The weekly spelling words can also be found there. There are ten spellings each week, plus an additional five words from the National Curriculum list of spellings that children are expected to know by the end of Year 6. This full list can be found in the letter archive. Please encourage and support your child in learning these words throughout the year.



Upcoming events:

School closes - Friday 20th July, 2:30 p.m.


Some useful maths websites:

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Mathematical activities for Year 6


My Mini Maths


Miss McGarraghy and Mr Longworth

SATs Meeting Presentation

Heaton Park

Heaton Park 1
Heaton Park 2
Heaton Park 3
Heaton Park 4

Lockerbie 2018

Monday 18th June - Day 1 (8.50 pm)

Evening all. Good journey to Lockerbie Manor - my ears are still ringing from the singing! Completed two activities (Mr L - fencing, Mr T - initiative exercises and Miss J - survival skills and all competed in the manor Olympics, where children became very dizzy!) Children in dorms ready for lights out in a while. Up at 7.10 ready for full English breakfast, then the hill walk. Will communicate tomorrow at same time if can get WiFi!!


Tuesday 19th June - Day 2 (6.10pm)

This needs to read by voice over from Big Brother! Woke up to glorious sunshine (didn't last long) after not much sleep. As I write this, children looking very tired - bodes well for a goodnight sleep tonight. Day began for hill walk for all groups. Climbed up many hills, largest was 200m above sea level, and was a 6 mile round trip - teach them not to sleep!! Lunch was devoured quickly by the hungry children. Afternnon saw Mr L and Miss J groups completing the climbing wall, where children auditioned to be Spiderman! Mr T's group were rifle shooting and then went to the climbing wall and Miss J's group then became snipers and Mr L's went to camp craft. Very amusing to see children put up tents and solve scenarios! One more activity to go tonight in the rain, which is getting heavier as I type! This will be character building! Mr L's group will be completing high ropes and the other two groups will be orienteering. Children say say to Mrs Perry - sorry parents you were later on list of hello's! Communicate tomorrow, hopefully after a better nights sleep! This longer message shows had better WiFi today. Weather looks rainy tomorrow till 3pm - hopefully will blow over, should do with the amount of beans they have eaten!  


Wednesday 20th June - Day 3 (9.50pm)

Evening all. Rain was forecast and there was none - beans must have done the trick! Even better news was that the children slept really well last night as they went to bed shattered! Woke up with more energy - good job as we all begun with canoeing and kayaking. Sorry to disappoint you but teachers somehow remained dry! Children not as fortunate! Plenty was eaten throughout the day - my favourite lunch so far of pizza and chips and then tea was a lovely roast dinner. Back to activities...Mr L's participated in Rifle shooting - where we got the best group score since April and now are top of the leaderboard and they all got lost in orienteering. Mr T's group completed the high ropes (twice the show off's) and camp craft. Finally Miss J's group completed survival skills and initiative exercises with ease. Lights out was 9.30 and fingers crossed for more sleep again. Weather looks good for next two days for final 7 activities. 


Thursday 21st June - Day 4 (9.05 pm)

Final day! Another good nights sleep - it was a joy to wake children up at 7.15 am with their tired eyes! Another full English breakfast, only one more to go! All groups completed a variety of activities and confidence and ambition is soaring in every child, which is wonderful to see. Activities today included; mountain biking, abseiling, zipwire, high ropes, initiative exercises, low ropes.  We have been very lucky with the weather as it was glorious sunshine again today - plenty of sun cream was applied. As I type this, children are playing outside with Miss J and Mr T to run off any energy left, then it will be pack suitcase ready for departure. They are excited to come home, but don't want to leave as well - sign of a good holiday! Plenty of photographs have been taken - children will cringe at a few!!


Friday 22nd June - Day 5

We will have breakfast at 7.30 and lunch 12.30 with final two activities in between. Coach will collect us at 1.00 pm and we are hoping to have left by 1.30 (earlier if possible). The ETA at school will be between 3.30 and 4.00 but I will keep school informed. See you all then with some very tired children with loads of exciting stories to tell you!