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Hi Guys, 

I expect you are still in the early stages of being rather happy that you are off school and the weather is lovely, although we have a few restrictions in place for own safety at the moment. 

As you know, I am a real champion of wellbeing in our school and I am very conscious of how this situation is making you feel. You may feel okay with everything, and that is great. Some of you may feel a little worried and that's okay too.  All you need to know is this is not permanent. We will get back to our form of normality. The grown ups that love and care for you are doing an amazing job at keeping you safe and well.


I will be (I'm trying hard to work out the technology side) hopefully inviting you to a zoom meeting next week, where we can all chat and see how we are doing. I can attempt to answer any questions you may have  and sort out any extra help with homework etc. As you know, I am always going on about connection and being able to support each other, so I'll be hosting this meeting next week. I'll post a link on our class page with simple instructions on how to join it. Fingers crossed, as this is a first for me!


Take care guys and look after your mums and dads ( they need their wellbeing looking after too) . 

Love and Kindness

Mrs Owen smiley

Watch this you tube video guys- he's awesome and talks a lot of sense!