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Topic 2018/2019

Tombs, Temples and Treasures

The Book of the Dead

The Book of the Dead 1
The Book of the Dead 2
The Book of the Dead 3
The Book of the Dead 4
The Book of the Dead 5
The Book of the Dead 6
The Book of the Dead is a series of written spells that the Ancient Egyptians believed helped them in the afterlife. Year 4 worked in partners to create their own book of spells.

Clay Models

Clay Models 1
Clay Models 2
Clay Models 3
Clay Models 4
Clay Models 5
Clay Models 6

Here are our fantastic clay models that we made. They are inspired by Egyptian canopic jars.

Bolton Museum Trip

Bolton Museum Trip 1
Bolton Museum Trip 2
Bolton Museum Trip 3
Bolton Museum Trip 4
Bolton Museum Trip 5
Bolton Museum Trip 6

Year 4 had a great trip to Bolton Museum to explore their Egyptian exhibition. We were all given a collar to wear for our time at the workshop. We looked at a timeline and found out that the Ancient Egyptians were around 7000 years ago, we then looked around and had to find the oldest artefact from Egyptian times.


We then had the opportunity to learn even more about mummification, with some really good contribution from the class. Inside this part of the museum were even more artefacts for us to look at, including a mummified girl, mummified animals, scarabs and much more!


Finally Year 4 ventured into a replica tomb, created using 3D laser scanning to produce a full-size recreation of the tomb of Pharoah Tuthmose III, which was very dark and realistic! It had the mummified body of 'The Unknown Man'.  The mummy has never been identified but is believed to be a son of Rameses II or Rameses the Great.

How Humans Work

Picture 1

Keep an eye out for our work on this new topic. We are learning all about the human body and how it works. 

Disclosing Tablets

Disclosing Tablets 1
Disclosing Tablets 2
Disclosing Tablets 3
Disclosing Tablets 4
Disclosing Tablets 5
Disclosing Tablets 6

We all had a disclosing tablet which made our mouths turn very blue! We brushed our teeth to see if we had lots of old plaque (blue stain) or newer plaque (pink stain). Most of us enjoyed this experiment and had a discussion about our findings.

The Heart

The Heart 1
The Heart 2
The Heart 3
The Heart 4

Today we have been looking at the heart and how it works. We found our pulse when we were at rest and timed how many beats per minute. We then ran on the spot for a couple of minutes and then found how many beats after exercise.

Making Skeletons

Making Skeletons 1
Making Skeletons 2
Making Skeletons 3
Making Skeletons 4
Making Skeletons 5

Land, Sea and Sky

Picture 1

Labelling a flower

Labelling a flower 1
Labelling a flower 2
Labelling a flower 3

In topic today we labelled different parts of a flower.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching 1
Bird Watching 2
Bird Watching 3
Bird Watching 4
Bird Watching 5