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4.3.21 Label the parts if a flower

It will help you greatly to look at the PowerPoint, and the video linked from the powerpoint has an 'interesting' musical ending! 

24.2.21 Flower, plants and seeds 

Today should be the first lesson of our new History subject, but I have made a 'pigs ear' of it (that means I have made a mistake 🙄). The work i had planned fr you to do I have decided is too complicated to do at home, so I will have to change it. So today I have set you some Science work. Our new topic is, as you can see, Flowers Fruits and Seeds.

4.2.21 Sun safety

In our next lesson about light we are going to learn about the sun and how to keep safe when we are in the sunshine.

28.1.21 Magic mirrors

This might be a bit difficult to do at home - your task involves using a mirror so make sure that this is ok with your grown up first. I don't want you taking a mirror off the wall and getting into trouble (or getting me into trouble!). There is no separate sheet for you to read/write on, your task is on the last slide.

PS: I've just realised that (as Minnie said) the link doesn't work, I am sure it worked yesterday 🙄) I have put another link on to explain how your eyes work.

How Your Eyes Work

Your eyes see, but how does vision happen? Find out how the eyes and brain work together in this eye video.

21.1.21 Reflective materials

Usually for this, when we are in class, we use torches to find out which materials are the most reflective. 
I think the best thing to do would be to have a look at the PowerPoint, and then think of some reflective materials you have around the home (they are usually the shiny things).  
When you have done that I'd like you to design either a bag or a top that will be reflective to keep children safe on the way to school. Don't forget to label your diagram to tell me what you have used - make sure to use materials/things that will reflect the light.



Today you are going to sort what is a source of light and what is not. Watch the video first and then sort the items into the table. If you can't print this work out you can draw the table and draw (and label) the items in their correct place.

Sources of Light | Light Sources | Reflectors of Light

Sources of Light. Learn all about sources of light. Definitions and examples of natural sources of light, artificial sources of light, luminous & non-luminou...

Have a look around your house and complete the Venn Diagram