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Puppy's mess: 23/11/2020


Following on from looking at Minibeast and their habitats, this week we would be looking at puppies and what they need to live. Maybe you could have this discussion first. Then I want the children to think about how puppies need to be toilet trained and at first may not always get it right. Then discuss what we could use to mop up the liquid? I want the children to experiment using different materials and just water to see which mops up the water best. Make a list and give it a tick if it mopped up the water. 

Minibeast habitats 16.11.2020

In Science you have been learning all about minibeasts and last week went exploring in the school grounds on a minibeast hunt to see what critters you could find. This week we will be finding out about different minibeasts and their habitats (where they live). I have attached a Powerpoint for you to look at that explains some minibeasts habitats and details of the conditions that they like to live in. Would you be able to go outside and go on a hunt in your garden. Search for different minibeasts and look closely at their habitat where you find them. What conditions do they like to live in? Are they light/dark, under ground/ above ground, damp/dry etc Record your findings on the minibeast recoding sheet. If you are unable to find all of them perhaps you could do some investigating and research online. I've also attached an activity sheet that you might like to complete.

Week 1: 

Write a list of all the body parts you can think of. See how many you can get. 

Can you label the different parts of the body?

Week 2:


This week we should have been looking at our senses. Discuss with the children what these are. Do the children already know any? The sense we are going to focus on is our hearing. What do we use to hear? Listen to the video and see if the children can identify the sounds. Then get the children to listen in your house for 2/3minutes maybe next to an open window since we can't go out. Write a list of sounds identified during those 3 minutes. How many different sounds could you hear?

Listening Game - Phase 1 Phonics - Listening and Attention Skills

Science activities