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Task 1 Title page - just like we normally do in class. The title is 'Expressions of Identity'. During this topic we will be looking at different religions so you could add a range of images/symbols.


Task 2 Look at the powerpoint on 'Belonging' and have a think about some of the questions that are on there. You do not need to write anything for this bit - have a think.


Task 3 WORK TO BE HANDED IN - Belonging worksheet Read the sheet carefully, there are some examples at the top if you are not sure.

For 14.1.21




Design your own symbols to represent important things in your lives including people, pets, hobbies or faith.


 I have added an R.E blank page if you wanted to draw your symbol on that. It is also World Religion Day on Sunday so I have added some things relating to that which you can complete if you're looking for something extra to do.