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Sundays - Wednesday (20.01.2021)


Talk to the children about the days of the week. Can they remember them? Discuss that we have specials days in the week. We have weekdays and then we have weekends. Weekdays we got to school and the weekend we stay at home and rest. In different religions they also have different specials days do you know any? Maybe you can look on the internet. 

This half term we are looking at Christianity. What day do Christians have as a special day? What do they do and how do they celebrate? Your parents may already know and can help you or you can have a look at the powerpoint below or research it yourself. Write down what you find out.

Special days -Wednesday (13.01.2021)

Today we are looking at special days. Can the children tell you a special day they celebrate? Collate a list. What make its special? Who do you celebrate it with?