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2.3.21 Healthy me lesson 2

Today's work is to do some research. If you have a look  at the powerpoint (I've just repostedone from last week as that is what you need) have a close look Kath the layers that make up a rainforest then label the diagram. Your research task is to choose a rainforest animal (there are quite a few on the first page to choose from) and find the information to complete the sheet. It will help if you have access to the internet, but if you haven't got any that is fine. Maybe you can choose one of the animals and guess which layer it lives in, what it likes to eat and so on. 

Healthy me lesson 1  

We've got a new topic for our PSCHE, all about how our bodies work and the best ways to keep it in tip-top condition. 
Hopefully the YouTube links will work, if they don't let me know and I'll will organise something else.

9.2.21 Positive thinking

I thought we would look at thinking positively today. 
Being able to think positively is an important skill which can help people to cope with various situations.With the way things are at the moment things  can make us, and the people around us, worried and upset which is completely normal, but thinking positively can help reduce your stress levels.
In our classroom Mrs Ellison has started a Happy Wall, so today I would like you to think of 2 things that you are looking forward to doing when we can all be out and about again. For example, I want to go out for a meal (possibly pizza 🤔) with my friends and family and I want to visit my sister in London. When you have thought of your two things, draw me a picture and give your picture a caption - that means write a short sentence to tell people what is happening in the picture. Then we can print your pictures out and put them on the wall (don't forget to write your name on your work).
Also, The keyworker children in our class have had pictures taken pulling funny faces and these have been put up on the Happy Wall too. If you want to send a funny face picture to me I will print them out for the wall. Hopefully you'll be able to look at the wall, properly, soon 🤞.
I think that is the longest instruction I have ever typed, my fingers need a rest! 😂

2.2.21 Overcoming obstacles

Over the last few weeks you have been thinking about something you would like to do in the future.
Today I would like you to think about two things that could stop you achieving this goal and what you could do to overcome these obstacles.

26.1.21 Achieving my goals 

Last week your task was to think about something you would like to do in the future - it didn't have to be a job, for example it could be a new skill you would like to acquire. This week I would like you to think of two things that you could do to help you achieve this goal. Please tell me what it is that you are going to do and how it will help you achieve that goal. You can draw me a picture of you doing it too.

19.1.21 Dreams and goals

Last week we looked at people who overcame difficulties to achieve things that they wanted to. This week I would like you to think of something you would like to achieve in your future. It could be your dream job (maybe you want to be a lawyer, a nurse, a gardener or the Prime Minister) or a skill you would like to learn or be better at (could it be swimming, rock climbing, sketching?).
Please watch the video first, it is a book reading about someone who achieved their dream job.

Me ... Jane Read Aloud

A read aloud of Patrick McDonnell's picture book about Jane Goodall

Our PSCHE subject for this half term is Dreams & Goals. As this is a subject that involves quite a bit of discussion in the class room it is going to be quite difficult to do whilst we are home learning, but we Year 3 people are good at taking on challenges so let's give this a go 💪😀