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Monday 11th October


Good morning.

Sorry I didn't manage to write on Friday before I left work but Miss Monks and I had to rush off for our PCR test as we felt it was unfair for us to ask for the children to be tested if we weren't going to get tested  ourselves. Luckily, both tests have back negative. Please get your child tested in line with government guidelines as they have been in close contact with positive cases.

Well what a chaotic week it was . Three positive cases and now back to our Hawthorn Class bubble. Please encourage your child to hand sanitise as much as possible in an attempt to stop this mini outbreak. We wish all those positive a speedy recovery and the work is posted on the website following the daily timetable.

We still need plastic bottles in for the last week.

You should be receiving a letter about parents evening today. Which once again will be by phone on the 21st October. Please send requests back asap then appointments can be allocated.

PE this week will remain Tuesday and Wednesday. However, this will have to change again as it clashes with another class. I will keep you informed. Also, I have noticed that some girls are wearing dangly earrings these are not allowed in school due to safety reasons especially not on PE days.

Our mathletics stars this week are: Maya, Sam, Jack, Ben, Issa, Zain, Mila, Ruari, Samia and Georgia. Mathletics is also an option for children self isolating.

Ted stayed in class this weekend as he is self isolating due to the outbreaks. He should be back in action next weekend.

Have a great week

Friday 1st October


Good afternoon. We can't believe we are in October already.

Mrs Wainman has even had to pack her sandals away and put socks and shoes on. She normally manages to stay in sandals till half term.

Wow we have had a busy week not helped with the internet crashing on Monday and being very slow on Tuesday.

Once again your children have been amazing. We have got 8 children achieving a certificate in mathletics this week : Issa, Amelia, Sam, Minahil, Zain, JackPR, Georgia and Holly. Well done to all those and we wonder who will be the first to achieve a silver certificate.

Minahil has taken Ted home for the weekend and we are sure he will have a great time. Minahil has produced some excellent english work this week.

We will continue our number work on addition next week . For english we will do one last day of Beegu then start our new book ' Claude and the City' which we have not use before so we are looking forward to that.

The office have sent a text out about PE. This has now changed to Tuesday and Wednesday due to other timetable changes . Sorry for the confusion caused.

I've got Roy, my son's dog for the weekend. I'm sure my dog Stanley will be well impressed. I got told off last time I looked after him for getting him too mudd

Friday 24th September


Good afternoon. How quickly has this week flown by?

We have had a great week in school and the children are really settling into Y2 mode. We even tackled fronted adverbials today !!!!

The children are getting better at logging onto the computers ' using a mouse and finding mathletics. In fact  10 children achieved their bronze certificate for this week with some even achieving 2. Those children are: Zack, Maya, Imaan, Holly, Mila, Ben, Sam, Jack PR, Jack E and Minahil. Well done to all those children. Mila even earned over 4000 points.

Ted is spending the weekend at Sam's house so I'm sure he will have a great time.

Please return your information sheets as soon as possible . We will send another copy home for those that have gone astray.

Mrs Perry was able to do an assembly this week with our class which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

Please make sure that your child comes to school with a coat as we do go outside even if it is raining a little.

We shall finish Beegu next week . We hope the children have enjoyed it. In maths we shall be focussing on addition next week.

Friday 17th September


Good afternoon.  We have made it to the end of another week.

Your children have worked really hard and are a credit to you.

Six children- Zack, Zain, Zoya, Mila, Malachi and Sam managed to achieve their bronze certificate in mathletics this week . Well done let's hope there are more to give out next week. Please drop me an email if you are struggling to log on and I will try and help you.

Everyone managed to complete their homework. Thankyou. 

We also had some very good results with spellings.

Ted is off for an adventure at Zain's house this weekend. We shall look forward to hearing what he gets up to.

We will continue with Beegu next week and the maths objectives we shall be working on are below.

Have a great weekend.

Friday 10th September


WOW How amazing are your children?!?! They have all coped really well with the extra workload involved with Y2. We hope they are nice and tired and allow you a peaceful weekend.

They have come home with their homework folder containing maths , handwriting and their mathletics log in card. These cards are to be kept at home as we have copies when we use mathletics in school. We have also sent instructions of how to log into mathletics. Homework needs to be returned on Monday. They have also got their spellings which need to be completed and returned on Wednesday when they will have a quick test.

Our library session is on Monday so please return the library books and your child can choose another one.

Well done to Evie who is taking our class bear Ted home for the weekend we can't wait to read what they've have been doing together.

Next week we will continue our book Beegu (see below) and our maths remains as number and place value.

Monday 6th September


Happy Monday

We had a great time last week. Your children are wonderful and we are really looking forward to the year ahead.

Hopefully, your child has come home with a reading book and their reading days are clearly marked on. Please let us know if this is not the case.

If your child is going home with another person please could you inform us This hopefully will avoid any confusion.

Look out for spellings on Wednesday and homework on Friday,

Below please find the english and maths we shall be covering over the next two weeks

Monday 19th April

Good morning. We've made it to summer term and I hope we are all fighting fit and ready to work hard.

Our start time is still 8:55am and we finish at 3:20pm. Please try to keep as close as possible to those times to avoid congestion on the school premises.

Our new book this term is  Olga Da Polga which is another blast from the past for me as I enjoyed reading it when I was young.

Wednesday 31st March

Good morning.

The sun is shining again so if you can quickly complete your work then you can get out in the garden this afternoon.

The work today is maths, english, comprehension and science. The science is an oak academy lesson once again so I just need an acknowledgment that you've watched this and completed the pause points. 

I'm going to zoom at 10  but need to cancel the 1pm one as NHS Bolton are due to call

See you at 10

Mrs W x


Tuesday 30th March

Good morning. Hope you are all ok.

Today I have put on maths, english, comprehension and geography. The geography today is drawing a simple sketch map for your journey to school. We have done sketch maps before so I hope you will be able to do this no problem. As today is meant to be a lovely day I've got another activity that can be done outside and I'll tell you about this on zoom.

See you soon,

Mrs W


Monday 29th March

Good morning.

Hope you are all well. I have managed to put today's work on here and google classrooms. 

There is maths, SPAG, comprehension and RE. I know the children completed RE on Friday but as the 28/3 and 29/3 are the Hindu festival of Holi I thought it would be an appropriate time to do it.

Thankyou once again for all your lovely messages. I am feeling OK at the moment and Bolton NHS are keeping a close eye on me.

See you at 10.

Mrs W x


Friday 26th March


Good morning. I have posted today's work on the web and google classrooms and Mrs Townley has kindly sent me the link for live Spanish lessons which I have put on home learning should you wish to complete.

Looks like we will be here home learning till Easter.

Today we have maths, English, comprehension and RE. There are also the Spanish lessons which you can access anytime. As we have finished our book and Oak Y2 are joining us I have decided to concentrate on SPAG activities while we are off. 

See you at 10

Mrs W


Thursday 25th March




Dear Parents,

As most of you will know a child has tested positive on a lateral flow test. Therefore, your child will need to self isolate until we receive confirmation of a negative PCR test. School will be in touch with any further information when they have it.

We once again are home schooling. I have put maths, english and science on for today which your child is expected to complete while self isolating. Zoom  meetings will start tomorrow at 10am and 1pm. A register will be taken at the 10am zoom but it is at your discretion if you wish your child to attend the 1pm.

Please contact us if you have any problems.

See you soon.

Mrs W and Miss M

Dear Parents,

We here we are at the end of another week and only one more week left of homeschooling. 

We both can't wait till the 8th March when we can back to get back to some normality and meet you all again. When we return you will need to come up the driveway and go back down the same way. We will start at 8:55am and finish at 3:20pm. Should you have another child in different class be contact us then we can arrange a convenient time. There will be more details in Mrs Perry's email.

The details for the final week of zooms are on google classrooms.

Let's hope the good weather continues over the weekend (then we can get our washing on the line!!!)

Have a great weekend.



Mrs Wainman and Miss Monks


PS Should you wish to come dressed up on 4th March (to zoom or school) for World Book Day then please do so.  Although, any book day activities will be when all the class is back together then no one misses out.

Monday 22nd February


Good afternoon.

Well it looks like we will all be back on the 8th March so hopefully we will be able to get back into some routine. Phew !!!  Luckily, I had my jab last week and feel it was another step forward to coming out of lockdown.

For the next two weeks there will be two zooms a day . If this causes a problem please do not worry.   (see Mrs Perry's letter). The afternoon will just be to reinforce any of the daily work. 

The timetable has changed a little bit and we are now completing geography on a Tuesday rather than history. Work will be on the website and google classrooms and we will begin with simple mapwork.

Friday 5th February


Well here we are Friday again. Well done everyone.

We didn't get our snow last weekend did we? However, I have been sent some snow pictures that I have put on the home learning section for everyone to enjoy.

More technology has been inflicted on us this week. They're called padlets. We have three a reading one: to recommend books. An activity gallery : for photos or pictures of something you have done and an appreciation station to give people a boost. Please try and add to them if you can.

As of next week there will be a further daily zoom meeting at 1 o'clock. This is a drop in and you only need to attend if you wish to discuss something or to see your friends.  There will also be an extra one on Thursday to listen to the next Killer Cat book. If we don't finish it we can always book another slot. All codes are on google classrooms. Also a reminder that there are no zooms on Monday at all due to me being at a hospital appointment and therefore unavailable. I'll respond to any work sent in as soon as possible.

Please can I ask that all overdue work be sent in as soon as possible. I've asked for some work to be resubmitted but you will have been sent an individual message if that's the case.

The Tudor houses were a success. I've put pictures in the history home learning section if you want to look. Please give me a nudge if yours isn't there and I can add to it at any time.

Finally, have an amazing weekend. See you on Tuesday.

Friday 29th January


Well we've made it to the end of another week . 

At least now we have a date to aim for (8th March) We can do it!!

The children in school had a great time on Monday playing in the snow. Let's hope we get more this weekend then we can see some of your snowman. Don't forget to take a picture if you build a snowman this weekend. This of course is dependent on the weather.

It was great see all the models you made today on the zoom meeting. If you make anything else we will try and show them at the end of each meeting.

Don't forget you will need two boxes for Tuesday . Can't wait to se your Tudor houses.

We've got a lockdown birthday weekend at our house this weekend  so luckily it will be a yummy take away Saturday night. I wonder what we will have? What's your favourite take away? Have a great weekend and I will see you all on Monday.

Friday 22nd January


Phew the end of another week.

We all seem to be settling into a routine and coping well with the situation. We had a bit of a scare this week when Miss Monks was poorly but luckily she tested negative.

I thought I was finally getting to grips with zoom and growing in confidence with it to come to Friday and I was unable to share my screen. Unsure what I was doing wrong but I'll try again on Monday so fingers crossed.

On the 2nd February for history your child will need two cardboard boxes. One slightly bigger than the other. For history we shall be making Tudor houses. Further details are on google classrooms. If your child is in school that day then please send them into school on the day not before.

Our zoom meetings code for next week has been posted on google classrooms as well.

Thankyou for all your hard work with the school work I really appreciate it. If you have any outstanding work please send it as soon as possible.

Have a lovely weekend . Stay safe and remember I am at the end of an email should you need me.

Monday 18th January


Just a quick note today but I have found out this weekend that The Natural History Museum are doing a homework club starting from today. There will be fun activities to do at home each day each day and a quiz at the end of the week. This week's topic is 'dinosaurs.'

Also, the Oak National Academy has opened free reading and writing activities from your children's favourite authors.

See you at 10am 


Mrs W


PS I've put you another Forest schools pack on here. I'm not sure parents will like it but I'm sure the children will.


Friday 15th January 


As we come to the end of our second week on lock down I'm no more confident on zoom classrooms than I was last week. I'd like to blame the technology but honestly I think it is more likely my technical skills. It has been lovely seeing all the children and hearing about all your adventures.

Coach Leon has sent some PE lessons on multiskills, football and dance . I've put the links in the PE folder.

The work you have been sending has been great thankyou. Here's to another week. See you Monday.

Thankyou for your support,

Mrs Wainman

Wednesday 13th January


Thankyou for being so patient with me with zoom calls Miss Monks was having similar problems in school today. Thankyou for the work you have been sending me either on google classrooms or email . Myself and Miss Monks are trying to make sure we respond quickly to them. We are always available via email should you need us. The children in school have also been working hard . We have had to relocate  to the hall because there is so many of Hawthorn wanting a place we cannot socially distance safely in our classroom.

Finally, I have been sent a forest schools pack.(see above)  I used them when we first went into lockdown and the children enjoyed them but I have to say the weather was better then. As I listen to the rain outside I'm not sure they will be much use but should the weather improve they are great activities to do outside.

Be in touch soon,

Mrs W


Sunday 10th January


I hope you are having a good weekend.

I'm looking forward to seeing some of you via zoom tomorrow at 10am. Please be patient with me as some of you know I'm not the most technically minded. I'm sure we will muddle through together.

I have started a lockdown gallery which I will look forward to filling with lots of pictures you send me.

Prue has sent a video of her playing the cello. Well done Prue you have really come on in a very short time..

BBC Bitesize have set up a timetable of activities to complete should you wish to do so. (see below)

In the zoom meetings if you have a question if you type it in the chat then Miss Monks will answer it . Questions can be asked at the end but we can't run over as it will be another year groups time to zoom.

See you tomorrow,

Mrs W


Friday 8th January

Wow what a crazy week it has been!!!

Looking forward to coming back to school and meeting everyone only to be put back into lockdown.

Home learning should continue on Monday with the added bonus of google classrooms and zoom meetings. Thanks to the parents who have let me know if they can't make the zoom meeting.

I thought it might be useful to share with you a very simple timetable (see below) of what work your child needs to be completing and when. Obviously, the constraints of home learning mean that it is not always possible to complete at a certain time so this needs to be flexible. Key worker children will be following the same timetable and completing the same work.

Work will appear on google classrooms each day from Monday . However, if you need it early then it will also be on the website to print off.


Thankyou for your support,

Wednesday 6th January


Good morning and a happy new year to you all .

May I take this opportunity on behalf of myself and Ms Monks to thank you for all our lovely gifts we received  for Christmas they were very much appreciated.

Wow I really didn't expect to start the new year off like this! We will get through this together and make sure we all stay safe and healthy. 

I will put maths and english activities on the website this week and if these can be returned via email like we did during our self isolation that would be great . From next week we shall begin the day with a zoom meeting at 10am. The code for this will go on google classrooms. Hopefully this will not clash with any other classes. One parent has already told me that they will struggle to attend a daily zoom meeting due to work commitments and this is fine as long as I know. The work next week will go on google classrooms and the website. Please respond to the google classroom invitation if you have not already done so.

The expectation is that the work is completed but we do appreciate that home schooling is not always the easiest. Please contact me if you are struggling.

Children in school as keyworker children will also be expected to complete the work set for our class while they are in school.

if you require additional work then from Monday BBC bitesize are running lessons each morning. Joe Wicks is also putting 20 min workout on You tube Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am which will cover our PE. Also, there is always TTRockstars and Mathletics. I have brought your passwords home with me if you need them. 

I would also love to see photographs of activities you do or things you make during lockdown and we can create a 'lockdown gallery' and share them with the class.

I'll keep you updated as much as possible. Please remember I am only an email away. If there is anything you need please contact me.


Mrs Wainman

Tuesday 15th December


We are having a lovely last week. We have been very busy over the last two days : making egg box dragons; making cards and calendars. Your children have been fantastic and very excited!!! Why not check out google classrooms for our rendition of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.


It will be a 'different' party day tomorrow. Children can come in their party clothes but please remember they will be playing outside. Also , remember to send in a small snack ( no nuts please) and a carton of juice. Unfortunately, children will not be able to share.


Please remember that we finish on Friday 18th December at 2 o'clock. There will be no Smarties that afternoon.


May we take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. Have a lovely rest and we shall look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 6th January at 8:45am


Christmas wishes,

Mrs Wainman and Miss Monks


Thursday 10th December


Hi just a quick note about end of term arrangements.

Friday 11th Dec - Christmas jumper day. Children to come in uniform but with a Christmas jumper.

Monday 14th Dec- Making egg box dragons . You child will need a 6 egg, cardboard egg box.

Wednesday 16th Dec- Christmas fun day. Non - Uniform. Your child can bring in a carton of juice and a small snack.

Friday 18th Dec- Last day. We finish at 2 o'clock!!!


Friday 4th December

Friday again!!!

You're children have worked hard this week but I do think that Christmas excitement is beginning to bubble. So good luck this weekend!!!

Children can bring cards in any day next week but they won't be delivered until the following week as they need to be in school for 72 hours.

Sorry but I have sent two lots of short homework this weekend. For the maths just name the shapes. to reinforce work completed in class. There is a challenge but only do this if you really want to. I've also sent a short reading comprehension. We have completed this in school but lots of children found it tricky as it is the first time they have done something like this independently. Most children seem to be trying to remember the text rather than rereading to find the answers. Thankyou for your support in this.

It's Christmas dinner day on Thursday so if your child wishes to have a Christmas dinner the please let the school office know. Also, don't forget it's Christmas jumper on Friday. Children have also been given an order form for raffle tickets so please return this to school ASAP if you want some tickets.



Have a lovely weekend . Two weeks to go !!!

See you on Monday.

Mrs W


Friday 27th November


It's Friday again !!!

We had a lovely afternoon decorating the school Christmas tree today. It looks beautiful. I'm sure the Christmas fairies will soon be busy decorating your homes.

We managed to complete the phonic screening today as well. All the children have done brilliantly and you should be really proud. So you will be glad to know I will stop sending the phonic sheets out.

A few children have asked for a class list to send Christmas cards. This will be given out on Monday. However, the children can only bring their cards in from Monday 7th December . They will then have to be in school for 72 hours before we give them out. (probably the week after) It is very strange times we are living in. 

A quick reminder your child will need a cardboard egg box for the last week of term . We are aiming to make Egg Box Dragons.


Monday 23rd November


Wow that was a long week!!!

I don't suppose talking on the phone for 5 hours helped but it was lovely to speak to you all and find out what your children are like at home.

Children really enjoyed making the wooden spoon puppets . Thankyou to Mrs Tomkinson for the extra spoons. I'll post some pictures when our ipad works properly.

I'll send another phonics pack home on Monday so you can practise these with your child . We aim to do the screening week beginning the 7th December

Friday 13 November


Phew the end of another week.

I know some of you had the flu jab on Thursday. Don't worry if you were missed out the nurses are returning as there was some technical hitch. Please contact the school office if you don't think you've had a letter and they will point you in the right direction.

I'm not sending handwriting homework for the next few weeks as I want your child to concentrate on the phonics I am sending home. A new one will come on Monday.

On a more fun note, please could you send into school a wooden spoon ASAP. We are making wooden spoon puppets as part of our history topic on toys.

Also, I have started to put 'knowledge organisers' on our class page for history and science. They will highlight the key knowledge and skills we will be teaching during that topic and may give you some good ideas for work to do at home.

Also, next week is anti-bullying week in order to promote this we will be doing different activiities in school and the children can come to school on Monday wearing odd socks. 

Have a great weekend.

Monday 9th November


Hi I hope you all had a nice weekend. Mine was very quiet especially with everything being shut. My dog Stanley has been very scared of the fireworks but I've found a plug in that seems to calm him down and make him less anxious. They seemed to go on for days last week didn't they?

Over the next 3/4 weeks I'll be sending home phonics screening practice sheets. They are just to read and can be completed as many times as you wish. If your child needs to sound the word out , which is probably recommended with the alien words, that's fine as long as they say the full words after. there is no need to send these back to school.

27/29 parents have accepted their invitations to our google classroom which is fantastic. If you need another invite please let me know and I can sort this.

Remember it is flu jabs on Thursday. Please remind your child if they are going to have it then it is not a shock to them.

Any problems please give me a quick email and I'll try and sort it for you.

Monday 2nd November


Welcome to a new half term. Mine was very quiet mainly due to the weather but I was lucky enough to look after Roy my grand doggy for a couple a days. I can't say Stanley my border collie was too impressed though. 

Normally we would be due to start practising our Christmas play any time soon. Unfortunately, this will not be happening this year. Still expect a busy half term ending making egg box dragons so please start thinking about saving egg boxes. Our ipad is playing up so at the moment I can't post pictures of our rockets but hopefully I will when our tech guy comes in. 

As Ms Monks pointed out to me I forgot to send PE kits home for a wash before half term. I will send them after our PE lesson tomorrow then they aren't needed till the following week.

I'm in school today with the other staff members to make sure everything is ready for you tomorrow. As school will remain open during lockdown please can you remind your children about 'hands, face , space ' then we all stay safe.  Of course this is an ever changing situation so I will keep you informed as soon as I know anything but Mr Longworth is due to send a letter about expectations should we need to close again.

If you haven't replied to your google classroom invite please could you do so ASAP as we will try to use this more if we have to lockdown again. If you haven't received an invite please let me know and I will send you another one. I've also sent reminder emails to people who have not accepted yet.


See you tomorrow ,

Friday 23rd October


Yes we have made it !!!!

Hawthorn class have been wonderful this term and coped with the new conditions really well.

I thought you would like to know that two members of staff have complimented Hawthorn Class on their manners today. They are credit to you and the school and I'm very impressed.

We had a very busy day today making our rockets and I hope they all have pride of place in your living rooms .

We are back on Tuesday 3rd November and we will start our new book 'Adventures of Egg Box Dragon'. and our science topic is 'materials'

Have a lovely, relaxing half term. I will be available by email over half term if you need me or have any worries.

See you soon,

Mrs W xx


P.S. I have put some examples of the phonic screening in the english folder please have a look if you have time.

Monday 19th October

Welcome to our last week.

The children have been asked to design a Christmas card (yes I know its only October!!) We will be aiming to send them off by the end of the week then you will be able to buy packs of Christmas cards designed by your child. We will do the final design in school but if you could help your child think of ideas that would be a great help.

We are still having a technology day on Friday . I am looking forward to seeing the children's creations come to life.

See you in the morning 

Mrs W x

Friday 16th October


Phew we made it to Friday.

Your children have worked really hard this week and are becoming true Y2s.

We have been really busy today designing rockets for design technology. We will attempt to build them next Friday. Your child will have an idea of what he/she needs to bring into school. Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances we will be un able to share those resources with other children. This means if your child does not bring anything in they will  be unable to build a rocket. However, we will plan an additional technology activity should this arise. We hope to take pictures of our rockets and share them on the website.

Have a great weekend.

Love Mrs W


Monday 12th October

Good morning and welcome to a new week.

Still no news on smarties I'm afraid as soon as I know anything I'll post it on here.

My two sons went playing golf yesterday in the autumn sunshine and I managed to get all the bedding washed !!!!

A few parents have been asking if Y2s are taking the phonic assessment . Yes we are taking it next half term, as late as possible to give us a chance of going through all the sounds. Should you wish to practise at home if you type in 'Y1 phonic assessment ' it will bring up previous years tests.

Have a great week.

Mrs W x


Friday 9th October

Well we made to the end of a very strange week. Has it only been four days?

Unfortunately, Smarties will not be opening on Monday due to staffing issues. Mrs Hardy will keep you informed .

We have been busy creating isolation books for all the children this afternoon, containing all the work your wonderful children completed over lock down. If you have not already please send in the work. If you need it printing let me know and I'll print it out in school

Have a great weekend.

Mrs W x


Wednesday 7th October


Was great to see you all yesterday although you were a little bit chatty. I think I'm used to the silence of my own living room . Don't worry we will soon be back into out Y2 routine.

A couple of children have not returned as of yet so I have continued to put the work in the home learning for maths and english. It is not in as much detail so hope it clear enough.

Mrs W x

P.S. A special apology to Harry as I forgot to put his bug hotel on here. It's on now so if you can all have a look it's fantastic!!!

Monday 5th October


Good morning!!!!

Yes we have finally got to the end of isolation. Relax today and enjoy the sunshine

We should start the day tomorrow with PE and I think that will still go ahead.

Staff will be wearing visors and mask around school to hopefully prevent another lockdown.

That will take some getting used to.

Please bring in any work that you have been doing.

See you tomorrow,

Mrs W

Friday 2nd October


Hello. Well we have nearly made it to the end of isolation. I'm sure like me you are ready to go outside.

You have all been amazing with your work while we've been off . Every single one of you has tried your best and are a credit to your parents. Please could you bring all your work to school with you on Tuesday.

Since you've been so amazing with your work shall we have a day off on Monday ? I'll still put work on but only complete it if you want to and this will give people an opportunity to catch up work they have not finished.

Staff have a zoom call on Monday to make sure we don't end up in a situation like this again. All staff will be wearing visors in class and masks will be worn in all communal areas. it will take some getting used to but if it keeps us all safe then it's a must.

See you Tuesday,

Mrs W x


P.S. I've put a link to some extra resources in our home learning folder. It's from BBC bitesize and covers all topics. 

Thursday 1st October

October !!!!! How did we get there?

We have managed to get a message board started on Google Classsrooms. I've met Harrison's boxer Eric, Olivia's border collie Kassie and Max's dogs Vinnie and Bella. Also I've had great pictures from Max and Zain. Mrs Tomkinson has also put on fun things to make and do. Once again three parents didn't receive their invite due to my technical skills but that has been sorted so if anyone else hasn't received an invite please give us a nudge. Can't wait to see more of your pets or pictures you've drawn.

I've been up to a bit of DIY as well. I've only changed some spot lights in my kitchen but I've not done it before.

Anyway, thanks once again for all the work. At present we are due back on Tuesday 6th October so fingers crossed we will be able to work together soon.

Missing you all,

Mrs W x


Wednesday 30th September

Good morning. Is it only Wednesday ? Feels like we have been off school for ages.

I've sent you all an invite to google classrooms. If you've not received it please give me a nudge and I'll send it again. We should be up and running if we need to close again. Mr Longworth assures me that it is well worth doing and he will provide me with training when we get back.

Have any of you managed to have a go at TTRockstars? I hope you have as it will really help with your times tables. Don't worry if you don't get many right on your first few goes . Just set yourself mini targets of improving slowly.

Keep an eye on next weeks spellings which are at the bottom of this page. They won't have the extra five on that Ms Smart sets but it will keep your brain ticking over.

Jack, my son has found another puppy and hopes to pick it up on Friday so I'll keep you informed and post a photo on here. I don't know who is more excited me or Jack.

See you soon,

Mrs W

P.S. I've been having a play on our google classroom. Don't worry I've not set extra work. I've just been posting the odd message and picture on the message board. Once you have accepted the invite you will be able to do so as well.


Tuesday 29th September

Good morning . I hope you are all well.

I'm finding being trapped inside difficult now and really need to get back to school. Some of you may of realised I put maths in the english folder and didn't put the guided reading book on!!! But all is sorted now.

I really do have an amazing class every single one of you is working so hard and has sent me work you really are a credit to your parents. I love receiving the emails and learning what you've been doing so keep them coming. 

I'm going to send you a log in for TTRockstars. I would normally give you these after Christmas and teach you in class how to use it. However, please have a go if you can manage to navigate it. The programme deals with times tables and corresponding division facts. Let me know how you go on.

Keep in touch,

Mrs W x

P.S. I'm trying to set up a google classroom so if you get an invitation from a gmail account it's me. We probably won't use it this lockdown but it will be there if we need it again at any time.


P.P.S. I'm really not sure what I'm doing so you'll have to be patient with me



Monday 28th September

Good morning I hope you are all well.

Have we only been off a week? It seems like ages . I suppose it doesn't help with not being allowed out does it?

I've had some lovely messages and some excellent work sent to me over weekend. It's great to see how sensible you are all being and completing your work for your parents.

Zuzanna made a bug hotel but her rabbit Blue decided that the greens in there looked really tasty so it became a Bunny restaurant. Zain has also created a bug poster. If I've not put your bug hotel on here please will you give me a nudge.

I was going to be a grandma on Friday ....... My eldest was buying a puppy but it turned out to be naughty people trying to get money out of Jack with no puppy to sell. I'll keep you all informed and hope to be soon introducing my .grand doggy to you.

I've put this weeks history in the folder . It is a powerpoint and quiz on Amelia Earhart..  There is also PSHE to complete which is thinking about responsibilities we have at home. Finally, I have uploaded a video about 'habitats' from Oak Academy. This should reinforce the work we've already done in class..There are also some drawing activities in the art section.

Brrr i'm off to turn the heating on before I do anymore work.

Missing you all,

Mrs W


P.S. The art and science tasks are stuggling to open so it might get you out of a little bit of work.

If you go to the classroom on the link for the science you can eventually get to it but I understand if you don't complete it. Ill start having a play and see what I can do


Friday 25th September

Good morning... yes it is still morning!!

Well done for all the hard work you are all doing I'm so impressed.

Your bug hotels are all very different but all very amazing. Check out Erin's video of her bug hotel as her guests move in . Also , Archie has made two one natural and one manmade as he wants to find out which one the bugs prefer. Theo's bug hotel grew and took over his garden . He now has visitors of a centipede, a snail and a frog.

Remember today is Friday so that's Spanish day so go on the Spanish folder and play one of the games or complete a colouring sheet.

At least the sun is shining again today.

Have a great weekend.

I'll look forward to hearing from you.


Love Mrs W


Thursday 24th September

Good morning. Hope you are all well.

We got the terrible news that school needed to close completely as of today. I'm not sure when it will open but I'm sure Mrs Perry will keep us all informed.

I've been amazed at the work you've been sending to me. keep going you are doing an amazing job. I'm going to put a video of Erin's bug hotel on the website later as she already has some guests.

I will be chasing up anyone who has not sent in any work as this is not a two week holiday. Please contact me if you are having any issues and we can come up with an arrangement.

Stanley, my dog keeps looking at me and he doesn't understand why I can't take him out for a walk.

Missing you already,

Mrs W



Wednesday 23rd September

Good morning I hope you are all well. Thankyou to the children who completed yesterday's work and sent it to me it was great to see the effort that you'd put into the work. I've been sent some great bug hotels. I can't wait to see some more. I'll put them on the website then you can all see them. I hope that the rain clears up then you can get out in the garden to work on your creations.

Check out the history folder. There is a Neil Armstrong timeline to complete and a significant person fact file to complete. It's just like the one we completed on Christopher Columbus. Use the powerpoint to help you complete them.

I've put two maths activities on for today. The white Rose maths includes a powerpoint and you should be able to access it quite independently. Which will help if your parents are working from home.

Please complete at least one maths and one english activity a day and email them to me. There is an expectation that you are working and not just having fun. I'll look forward to seeing all your hard work.

See you soon,

Mrs W


Tuesday 22nd September


Well what a crazy day it has been. I hope you are all ok . It seems such a shame to split up our Year 2 bubble after the fantastic start you have all made. I am sorry about the delay in putting work on today but it took me nearly 2 hours to get home and then my computer decided it didn't like me. Anyway here I am. I've put an english and maths activity on to complete today. I will be constantly putting on different activities to complete daily. I suggest completing at least one english and one maths activity a day then one other subject.  Don't forget there is also mathletics.

Today, while the weather is so nice try to get out in your garden and build a bug hotel. I'll put some ideas in science home learning. Please send me pictures of your bug hotels when they are done.

There is an expectation that all children will complete the daily work so please will you email your child's work to me when completed. I will be available every dayon:


Remember we will not be allowed back on school premises until 5th October. Should you need to pick a sibling up please contact the school office and they will make arrangements with you. Also, remember that we are self isolating and should be staying at home.


Mrs Wainman

Monday 21st September

What great a great week we had!!!!

We had fun on our minibeast search of the school grounds ( see photos).

Your child has been set three lots of homework. Please see below for when each piece is due in.

Monday 14th September


We had a great week last week. The Y2 environment was a bit of a shock to a few but I'm sure they will soon get used to it.

Your child has been given a bag with their reading book in. On this bag there is a sticker with the days that your child will read in school so please make sure there book is in school on those days. If your child finishes their book before their reading day they will still be able to change it.

In addition this I have given your child a mathletics log in to keep at home. Please try to give it a go this weekend.

Remember that all  the water fountains are out of use due to the current situation therefore it is important that your child has a water bottle filled with water each day.


Monday 7th September

Welcome to Hawthorn Class

From Monday 7th September those in hawthorn will start school between 8:45 and finish at 3:00pm. The children will come and leave school from the main entrance.

We will have a 'sanitation  station ' in each room and your child will be encouraged to wash their hands more regularly.

In order to avoid large groups on the playground breaks and lunchtimes will need to be staggered. Hawthorn's break times are:

Breaktimes: 10.00 - 10.15 and 2.00 - 2.15

Lunch: 12.00 - 12.30 (Inside eating) 12.30 - 1.00 Outside.

This will be explained to your child when they start and which zone they must stay in on the playground.

Please can you make sure all items of clothing, especially jumpers are named . Then we can return them to their rightful owner if they go missing.

This week we shall be working hard to get back into the routine of school.

In maths: 

Identify and place 2-digit numbers on a number line.

Compare and order numbers to 100.

Make reliable estimates of numbers up to 100.

Count in 10s from 1-digit and 2-digit numbers.

In english:

We shall be starting our book 'Beegu' and over the half term we will be covering the following aims.

  • To explore a high quality picture book which allows children to put themselves inside the story and empathise with characters and their issues and dilemmas
  • To engage with illustrations throughout a picture book to explore and recognise the added layers of meaning these can give to our interpretation of a text
  •  To explore themes and issues, and develop and sustain ideas through discussion, enabling children to make connections with their own lives
  •  To develop creative responses to the text through drama, poetry, storytelling and artwork
  •  To write in role in order to explore and develop empathy for characters

Can't wait to see you all.

Love Mrs Wainman



Monday 31st August

Welcome to Hawthorn Class . 

Remember for the first three days you will go to your Year One class . This will allow your teachers you have a smooth transition to Y2 and assess which Y2 class your learning style will be better suited to. Some will be in Hawthorn and some will be Y2s in Oak. This is to ensure school follow government guidelines of not having more than 30 in an infant class. The classroom looks quite different as you can see from the photo.

From Monday 7th September those in hawthorn will start school between 8:45-8:55 and finish at 3:00pm. The children will come and leave school from the main entrance.

We will have a 'sanitation  station ' in each room and your child will be encouraged to wash their hands more regularly.

In order to avoid large groups on the playground breaks and lunchtimes will need to be staggered. Hawthorn's break times are:

Breaktimes: 10.00 - 10.15 and 2.00 - 2.15

Lunch: 12.00 - 12.30 (Inside eating) 12.30 - 1.00 Outside.

This will be explained to your child when they start and which zone they must stay in on the playground.

Please can you make sure all items of clothing, especially jumpers are named . Then we can return them to their rightful owner if they go missing.

Can't wait to see you all.

Love Mrs Wainman