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St Margaret's C of E Primary School

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At St Margaret's we follow the Super Sonic Phonic Friends Phonics Scheme. 


Super Sonic Phonics breaks phonic learning down into basics to support children learning. 


In Reception, the children will have learnt 'Basics 2 and 3' which consists of 44 spellings and sounds in the English Language. 


In Year 1 we will be recapping the 'Basics 3' spelling groups.

Group 1: j, v, w, x

Group 2: y, z, zz, qu

Group 3: ch, sh, th, ng

Group 4: ai, ee, igh, oa

Group 5: oo, oo, ar, or

Group 6: ur, ow, oi, er

Group 7: ure, ear, air 


We will then be introducing 'Basics 4' where we will be learning about CVCC words, pollysyllabic words and adjecent consonants.  


In Basics 5, we will begin to learn 'choose to use' spellings. These are alternative spellings for sounds, for example 'ai' and 'ay'. We will also be looking at split diagraphs. 


Group 1: ay, ea, ie, oe, ue.

Group 2: a_e, e_e, i_e, o_e, u_e

Group 3: oy, ir, ou, aw, wh

Group 4: are, kn, wr, ph, au

Group 5: gn, ore, ey, y, ew

Group 6: ear, or, tch, dge, er