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Our Lockdown Gallery

Picture 1 Caitlin's plant lifecycle.
Picture 2 Caitlin's 'eggsellent' Solar System.
Picture 3 Caitlin's bug hotel. Any guests yet?
Picture 4 Caitlin has hatched butterflies.
Picture 1 Eve has been studying the story of Pan
Picture 1 Larna spending time in the coolest room ever!
Picture 1 Tilly A visited some horses.
Picture 2 She stuck her tongue out them.
Picture 3 The horse thought it was funny.
Picture 4 Tilly A & her brother doing PE
Picture 5 Tilly A has been growing radishes
Picture 1 It was Leah's 8th birthday.
Picture 2 Leah did some baking.
Picture 3 Leah's family celebrated VE day.
Picture 1 Sophia has been doing some art in the garden.
Picture 2 She has also been reading with her sister
Picture 3 Apparently Sophia likes tea - that drink is huge!
Picture 4 Yum! Sophia and Isabella have been baking
Picture 1 Caitlin has planted some seeds
Picture 2 Oh no! Paint. We all know that paint means mess!!
Picture 3 Caitlin and her sister did an experiment.
Picture 4 The experiment made the flowers do this.Wow !!
Picture 5 Caitlin's flower lifecycle model. Fantastic!
Picture 1 Louie has been sunbathing!
Picture 2 He's been riding his bike. We ❤️ bikes!
Picture 3 Louie has been painting too.
Picture 1 Jahvan has been cycling with his family.
Picture 2 He's been zooming around too!
Picture 3 Jahvan down by the river.
Picture 4 Here's Jahvan with his MCFC kit on.
Picture 1 I have been cleaning my bike.
Picture 2 Also I've been using a turbo trainer.
Picture 1 We have started growing tomato plants.