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Our Lockdown Gallery

Caitlin's plant lifecycle.
Caitlin's 'eggsellent' Solar System.
Caitlin's bug hotel. Any guests yet?
Caitlin has hatched butterflies.
Eve has been studying the story of Pan
Larna  spending time in the coolest room ever!
Tilly A visited some horses.
She stuck her tongue out them.
The horse thought it was funny.
Tilly A & her brother doing PE
Tilly A has been growing radishes
It was Leah's 8th birthday.
Leah did some baking.
Leah's family celebrated VE day.
Sophia has been doing some art in the garden.
She has also been reading with her sister
Apparently Sophia likes tea - that drink is huge!
Yum! Sophia and Isabella have been baking
Caitlin has planted some seeds
Oh no! Paint. We all know that paint means mess!!
Caitlin and her sister did an experiment.
The experiment made the flowers do this.Wow !!
Caitlin's flower lifecycle model. Fantastic!
Louie has been sunbathing!
He's been riding his bike. We ❤️ bikes!
Louie has been painting too.
Jahvan has been cycling with his family.
He's been zooming around too!
Jahvan down by the river.
Here's Jahvan with his MCFC kit on.
I have been cleaning my bike.
Also I've been using a turbo trainer.
We have started growing tomato plants.
It was Kenan's birthday. Doesn't he look old! 😄
Amelia has been cycling. We all ❤️ bikes !
Ella has collected some tadpoles
Ella saw some goslings when she was out.
Ella was attacked by bubbles 😱
Kenan has been baking chocolate cake 😋
Tilly went to visit some cows.
Has anyone had a go on the swing in The Clough?
Tilly has been growing a plant.
Martha's has built a Harry Potter Lego set.
Caitlin's experiment using water & food colouring.
Can you see what happened?
Caitlin used water, foam and food colouring
She made a cross stitch monkey pencil case too
Sufyan and his brother have been to a lake
Sufyan has made a supermarket.
Sufyan has been junk modelling.
Say hello to Saffy's new dog Spook.
He's 1 year old. He looks very happy on Saffy's be
He likes walks too, I think all dogs do tbh.
Barnaby doing some Art Ninja work
Barnaby has also been playing FIFA
Sam & Barnaby are doing some colour mixing
Sufyan has made a birthday cake
Sufyan has been collecting these cars for years.