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2nd October 2020:

Hello Year 3, how are you all today? 

It looks like we should (🤞) be back in school next Tuesday (6th October),it will be great to see you all 👍

I've put some addition work on our Maths page for today. This is work that reviews Year 2 addition skills and it will help you with our work when we get back. I've also put a 'counting in pence' sheet on there, but there is no video to go with that (I don't know why!), if you have the time, or the brain energy, please try to do that too as we are meant to be doing a little bit of money work now. If you can only do one, though, the addition work is the one to go for.

Please keep reading, and if you've got work pictures to email me.

The penultimate (can you remember what that means?) episode of James and the Giant Peach will be posted later.


1st October 2020:

White Rabbit!   🐇

I bet you're thinking Mr Henry has gone Lockdown Crazy, but no, I haven't. Some people say white rabbit as soon as they wake up on the first day of the month as a way to bring luck. I've tried it before. It didn't work.

Well, now I've finished talking about rabbits how are  you all? Well I hope. I've put another piece of Maths work up for you. It's another one of our skills we've looked at already, but it is so important that you can do it really well. If you find it's a bit too easy just do questions 4 to 9 and then choose two maths puzzles and do those - being able to solve problems is also an important skill. The puzzles will be there shortly, I just need to make them Year 3 friendly first 👍

Some more of you have sent me pictures of your work and what you've been up to. Keep sending them, they are great to see. Oh, and don't forget to ask your grown up to join our Google Classroom.

Have a great day and I'll see you soon.

30th September 2020:

Good morning Year 3. So sorry, I have usually posted a message by now but I was doing some home based exercise and I got a bit carried away! Now I am really tired and very hungry - do you remember the food groups we were talking about in Science? Well, now I am thinking about all of them (a lot 😋).

There is some new Maths work for you today, again it is covering a subject we've had a look at already, but with all the time we've missed in school I want to make sure that you understand it as much as you can before we move on. If you want The Pit I posted another yesterday and if you've already done that let me know and I'll post another.

So far some of your grown ups have signed in to our Google Classroom (they should have received an email from school yesterday), if they haven't got the link please let me know and I'll resend it. When we have a few more joined in I'll send an activity to see how it works.

There will be another James and the Giant Peach later today - It looks like quite a few of you have been watching them, which is lovely. Thank you.

Don't forget to email me if you need me,


More 29th September news:

Hi. The Office have sent an email to the address that they have for your grown-ups, it is a link to Google Classrooms. I have never used this before, so heavens knows what is going to happen! I'll make a short activity for you tomorrow (probably about the food group work we have been doing), please have a go and tell me what you think. This will be, what we grown-ups call, a steep learning curve, please be patient.

I think I'll have to get Mrs Henry to hold my hand 😬


29th September 2020:

Hello again Year 3, it has been lovely to see the pictures of your work that some of you have been sending in, they have really made me smile 😁

I have put two lots of maths work on today - it is a bit more revision, this time for comparing numbers and amounts (do you remember when we were using < and > ?). I will start to put some maths puzzles up too as I know you all like The Pit. I will also try and find some English puzzles and post them as well - so keep your eyes on that home learning folder, I am trying to fill them with lots of things for you to do. I have to say, finding resources for our Science work is proving a little bit harder, but I'll keep looking.

There will be another James and the Giant Peach on later today - will it break the internet?

Probably not 😂

Please remember to keep reading whilst you are off - it doesn't have to be your home reader (especially if you've finished it!). 

Take care, have fun and let me know if you need anything 👍

Mr. Henry.

More 28th September news:

I've just realised that I haven't mentioned spellings, if you want to do your test at home (we usually do it on a Tuesday) the spelling list is autumn 1 week 3. If you want to do the test and let me know how you got on that would be great. The words for next week's test are autumn 1 week 4. You can find then in home learning/homework/spelling.

Have a look in our home learning/ geography folder, I have put a couple of activities in there 👍 

Also, if you want to send me pictures of the work you've been doing at home that would be lovely.