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Maths work 2018/2019

Bar Charts

Bar Charts 1
Bar Charts 2
Bar Charts 3
Bar Charts 4
Bar Charts 5

In maths today we created bar charts. We timed how long it took four children to write their names twenty times and then plotted them on the bar chart.


Circles 1
Circles 2
Circles 3
Circles 4

We used a compass to draw our own circles and rulers to measure the diameter and circumference of a circle.

Maths Day

Maths Day 1
Maths Day 2
Maths Day 3
Maths Day 4
Maths Day 5
Maths Day 6

Year 4 had lots of fun during maths day. We started the day looking at symmetry and made our own pictures using one line of symmetry. We also had to solve some really tricky puzzles involving moving matchsticks and connecting dots without taking our pencils off the paper. To end the day we found an interactive game where you had to connect dots to make a square. Year 4 found this lots of fun!

Finding Factors Game

Finding Factors Game 1
Finding Factors Game 2
Finding Factors Game 3
Finding Factors Game 4

We worked in pairs for this game to see who could get the closest to 400 points.

Maths Games

Maths Games 1
Maths Games 2
Maths Games 3
Maths Games 4

This morning (09.05.19) we played maths games with Mr Henry.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

We played a game in pairs by rolling a dice and moving our counters to move in multiples of 0.1 and 0.01.