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Friday 15th January 2021


Thursday 14th January 2020 - Comparing quantities

Watch session 5 - comparing numbers. Watch and join in.

Work through the PowerPoint comparing which has more or fewer. Perhaps you could count the objects to check you are right? Have a go at the more and fewer activities

Wednesday 13th January - Representing zero

Watch session 2 - How many? Representing zero. Watch and join in. 


Can you fill out the 5 and or 10's frame to the amount written below it. Can you draw pictures to represent the numbers?


Which is zero?


You could go for a walk and look for the zero numeral as well as looking where you can spot zero. For example there are zero ducks on the pond today.

Fill in the 5/10's frame and draw pictures to represent the number? Which side has zero?

Tuesday 12th January - One less

Watch session 1 - 5 current buns on the link below. Join in and work out the answers to the questions.


Can you sing some rhymes that count back in 5 or 10? Use props so that you can see the visual pattern of one less (this is important to grasp the concept of one less).


Perhaps you could sing some of the rhymes we sing in school with your adult?

5 current buns in a bakers shop
5 little speckle frogs
5 little ducks went swimming one day
10 cheeky monkeys swinging in a tree
10 cheeky monkeys jumping on the bed
10 green bottles


Can you think of any more? Do you sing any at home that we don't in school?

Can you could make your own rhyme up?

Monday 11th January - Quantifying
Number Home Learning

Counting out  up to 10 objects from a larger group

Counting in various different ways is a skill that we learn in Reception. This week we are learning how to count out objects from a large group. So for example having a pile of objects and asking a child to count out 6 from the pile.


It is important that children recognise, and sequence numbers but more importantly they need to understand what a numeral represents and realise that it represents quantity.


This is a practical skill. Maybe have a number of objects. Give your child a number for them to recognise and count out that number. Model counting moving the object while counting. 


Remember when we count;

1. We count each object slowly.

2. We only say one number for each object,

3. We touch or point to each object (or move it if we can) as we count it.

4. The last number we say is how many objects there are.

Number recognition, counting and Quantifying 

By the end of Reception children need to be able to recognise and sequence numbers 0-20 be able to match numeral to quantity. They need to be able to count out objects from a large group. They need to be able to count objects that can be moved but also things are in a fixed position. 

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Number recognition, counting, sequencing matching and formation.