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Length. - Monday 01.03.2021

This week we are going to be looking at length. How long an object is. Please watch the video below. When the children have three things longer and 3 things shorter than a spoon please can the children put the objects collected in order starting with the shortest. Encourage the children to use the correct language. Take a photo of the ordered objects and submit it please. 

Compare lengths activity

Length games - Tuesday (02.03.2021)

To support the children with using the correct vocabulary when discussing length here are a couple of maths game related to length for the children to play. 

Length - Wednesday (03.03.2021)

Today we are going to look at how we can measure the length of something. What can we use? Using cubes and sheets to measure length is call using non-standard measurements. There are two videos to watch explaining this for the children. There is then a worksheet to complete. 

(I'm hoping the first video works. If it doesn't if someone could let me know and I will look into it.) 

Measure length

Measure length activity

Length - Thursday (04.03.2021)

Following on from using non-standard measurement I would like the children to have a go at measuring for themselves using this idea. At home let the children use something to measure with that's not a ruler. For example, pasta, cubes (if you have them) or lego bricks would work perfectly. Make sure the children check they are all the same size first. I would then like the children to find 5 objects in the house and measure how long they are using the non-standard measurement that they have chosen (pasta, lego, etc) For example, how many pasta pieces long is the pencil? How many lego brooks long is the remote control? 

The videos from yesterday are above if needed and there is a sheet below to complete.

Length - Friday (05.03.2021)

Today we are going to look at how we can use length using a ruler. There is a video to watch and then the worksheet to complete. When measuring the children need to remember that the objects and the ruler needs to be line-up correctly so that the start of the objects is exactly at the same place as 0cm on the ruler. 

Introducing the ruler