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Counting 10s - Friday (15.01.2021)

10s and 1s - Monday 18.01.2021

This week we are looking at place value. We have already covered this a little in school so the children should have some understanding. I will be going through this and teaching it on Zoom Monday morning.  You can use whatever you have at home to help the children understand. You can use pasta, sweets, money, toys or anything really. I'll show you what I mean on Zoom. 
Place value is understanding the value of a number. For example the number 35. It has a tens column and a ones column. 35 is the same as having 3 groups of ten and 5 ones. 
I will do my best to add as many resources as possible for the children. 
Below are some videos to watch and a worksheet to complete. The children can do this practically if you want to take photos. Just make sure they understand that if they have 3 tens and 4 ones they have the number 34.


Tens and Ones

Numberblocks - Ten's Place (Full Episode)

Tens and ones - Tuesday (19.01.2021)

Here are a couple of games for the children to play. Just spend today really making sure the children understand the different columns in the number which helps tell us how many tens and how many ones.

Tens and Ones - Wednesday (20.01.2021)

Today I want the children to have a go recognising tens and ones without any visual resources see if they can remember the columns. Complete the part, part whole sheet. I have added a table which you could use to ask the children to sort different numbers into. For example can you put 73 in the correct column so 7 under the tens and 3 under the ones. 
There are two powerpoints to go through to help the children recap before they complete the sheet.

Tens and Ones - Thursday (21.01.2021)

Today is opportunity for the children to complete the sheet independently to help us understand whether they have grasped the concept or not. The children may just need the questions reading to them. 
There is also a true or false question to answer. 

Ordering numbers - Friday (22.01.2021)

This week we have looked at tens and ones to understand the value of a number. Let's see if that can now help us to order different numbers.