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Home Learning

Please do not worry about printing anything off if you don't have access to a printer. You can happily use a separate piece of paper and create the resources yourselves through drawing or writing. Any answers the children can write down on a separate piece of paper. You can use whatever resources you have at home. For example use sticks instead of printing the caterpillar measuring sheet. Whatever works best for you, as long as the children are still learning and practising their skills that's all that matters. 

Idea of the Week

I am going to set a project this half term for DT to see if you can design your very own kite. I want you to think about what materials it will need to be made from, thinking about how light/heavy it will need to be in order to fly. Once you've designed the kite can you now make it? Finally when you've completed your kite, go outside and test it, does it fly? Then go back home and evaluate your design. What worked well? What could you do differently next time? 


I have also attached a work booklet with different activitiies in. Just incase you would like some extra things tote doing.


This half term at school we would be reading the story 'The Secret Sky garden' written by Linda Sarah and Fiona Lumbers. I hope you all enjoy the story. 


This week I want the children to think about friendship. Who are your friends? Do you have a best friend? How did you become friends? How long have you been friends? What makes you friends? I would like the children to write a paragraph or two about their friends telling me all about this person. 

The secret sky garden

I have tried something new this time I hope it works. Apologies for the video my videoing skills have definitely not improved over this period. I hope you enjoy the story at least.


 It is so important that you continue with your children's reading and their phonics to continue the children's progress. 

In Year 1 the children should be able to read different texts including non fiction as well as fiction. I have attached below some links for you to access. The children have been looking at materials, magnets and ice in Science as well as Africa in Geography ( I have attached a reading activity in the. geography section). These will be a good starting point to read about. Encourage the children to pick out the information they find. 

Below there is also a website called Oxford Owl which is our reading scheme. They have ebooks online that the children can read or listen to. Just select the age range and away you go! You do have to sign up but it’s free to do so. Enjoy Reading! 


Please also continue to practice number bonds to 10 as well as counting in 2s, 5s and 10s as we practice these regularly in school. One way to do this is a treasure hunt, get the children to find all the numbers and then see if they can count and put them in order. Continue to use the number bonds to 10 ladybirds I sent home previously. Then ask the children to write the subtraction for this. For example, if 4+6=10 then 10-4=6 or 10-6=4. If you can encourage working up to number bonds to 20. 


This week I would like the children to continue to think about measurement. What is heavy or light? what is longer or shorter? What is empty or full? Also have a try at ordering some objects around the house. Try measuring in centimetres how long different objects are in your house. 

For extra practice, here are some additional activities that the children have already been taught in school or in previous home learning weeks:


This half term we would be looking at the gardens and planting.

This week I would like the children to think about trees. I would like them to go for walk and see what different tress they have found. Maybe collect leaves from these trees. When you return home think about the different parts of a tree. Once you have researched trees use the leaves you have collected and make a leaf rubbing picture. I cannot wait to see what you have created. 


I have also attached some activities that the children may enjoy experiencing a home too. 


Please continue to practice reading with the children and using the phase 3, 4 and 5 sound mats to support them. Alien words come up in the phonics screening check. The children are familiar with these and know they do not make a real word but they still need to segment and blend. Please also encourage children to read and write the high frequency words and common exception words. They should be able to read and spell these correctly by the end of Year 1. Maybe stick them around the house or garden and get the children to find the different words. If they read them correctly they then need to write them. See how many the children can collect in 20 minutes. You can do this with the alien words and individual sounds too. 


In computing we would be looking at technology outside of school. There is a slideshow on Purple Mash for you. Please have a discussion and see what the children know and what you could find out.

If you email the class email: I can send you the children's individual Purple Mash logins for you to access at home. . 



This week in RE think about RE in our school. What do we do? Think about Reverend Deborah snd what she teaches us each week? What do we learn from her? What else do we do at school and what do we learn form this? 


This half term we will be looking at the history of transport.

This week I would like you to watch the clip below and see what transport is there. How has transport changed over time? 


Once you have done this you could write a few sentences a story why the transport needed to change? Why could we not travel to school on a horse and cart? How would we have gone on holiday to America? How long would these journeys take? 


This half term we would be looking at Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet.

Looking at the two paintings below, choose a style and have a try creating your own flower painting/picture. 



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

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