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Death Mask

Year 4 have spent a few days on these very realistic Egyptian death masks. First, we added papier mache to a PE cone to make the main part of the face. Then, we cut round a template of a death mask to get the right shape. Once the papier mache was dry, we glued it on to the cardboard template and added facial features to make it look 3D. We painted them all white and had to wait for the paint to dry before we could add the colour. Well done Year 4! :)

Completed Masks


Using tea bags, a cup of water and plain paper, Year 4 created their own pieces of papyrus. They then wrote their own names in hieroglyphs and a secret message for their partner to decipher.

Mummifying Year 4

Year 4 had lots of fun this afternoon (29.9.22) working in groups to mummify each other. Why not ask your child what they remember about the process of mummifying an Ancient Egyptian body? Some of it is pretty gross!!