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Guided Reading

Guided Reading 5.3.21

As per usual read this carefully, then use the text to help you to answer the questions.​​​​​​​ 

Guided Reading 12.2.21

Don't forget to find the answers in the text, unless it is an inference question (they are the ones that are asking for your ideas/thoughts about something from the text).

Guided reading 5.2.21

As always, read the text carefully and then have a look at the questions. It is always better to find the answers in the text before you write them down.


Don't forget to read the text carefully and to find the answer in the text, don't rely on your memory.
Though your memory probably isn't as bad as mine 😂


Remember to read the text twice (and carefully) before you answer the questions.


Remember to read the piece of writing carefully, twice would be best. When answering the 'find-it' questions, don't rely on your memory - find the answer in the passage then write it down. Inference questions (where you have to think about, for example, why a character has done something) will need you  to think a little more deeply.

Read the text carefully, it is better to read it twice, then answer the questions. 
Remember to return to the text to find the answers, don't rely on your memory - it can trick you!