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Geography & History

3.3.21 Maya lesson 2

It's time to be an archeologist! If you don't know what one of those is, the PowerPoint will help.
At the end of the PowerPoint there are some pictures that will help you with your task.



Unfortunately, once more, the PowerPoint I have made is too big to upload 🙄

You should be able to access it via Google Classroom 🤞


25.2.21 Maya lesson 1

I have recorded a video lesson for you about this, but unfortunately it won't load on here. It is available on Google Classroom. If you can't access it please don't worry.

10.2.21 Time around the world

This is the last Geography lesson for this Topic, and it is a little bit complicated!
Have a look at the PowerPoint, then try to calculate the times around the globe. I have included a world map but, to be honest, I don't know hoe much help it will be. Ideally if we were in class we would be looking at atlases. If you have access to a device, that would help. If you can't do this work, please don't worry - you've been doing a great job so far 👍

3.2.21 The Tropics

Today you are going to learn about The Tropics, where they are and what the weather is like.
The task is explained towards the end of the PowerPoint.

27.1.21 Top to bottom

Where a country is on the Earth changes its weather, so today you are going to have a look a this.
Please don't forget to answer your questions using sentences 👍


20.1.21 Lines around The Earth

Last week we looked at hemispheres, this week we are going to look at the ways we can find places on our planet.
It might be best to watch the BBC video clip first, followed by the PowerPoint and then try the worksheet 
(which looks a bit complicated, just take your time - it is easier than it looks 👍)  


During this half term we are going to look at The Earth and how different parts of it compare to others. This may be difficult when we are distance learning, but (as always) we will all try our best.
Here we have a PowerPoint, some sheets to complete and a World map. If you do not have access to the internet to answer all of the questions please don't worry - use the words map below to help you choose a country and then colour that country in. If you can't print the page out just answer what you can on a piece of paper. Let's see if this works 🤞

Please note: The Powerpoint for this will not load. If you can't access it via GC please email me on Year3homelearning and I will attempt to send it to you.

Skara Brae was a Stone age village, it was found on a Scottish Island. Archaeologists (can you remember what they do?) have found out some information about life there, but not everything. Have a look at the Powerpoint and then let me know your ideas about one of these Skara Brae mysteries: 
What were the items for? 
What was house 8 used for? 
If you want to do both you can do that if you like.