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Friday 8th January

Follow the instructions on the sheets.  Just try your best and make sure you present your work neatly.

Monday 11th January


Look at the glasses. Someone has lost them.
Who might they belong to?
Write a short paragraph to tell me who you think these glasses belong to and how they lost them.
Remember to include: 
fronted adverbials
commas before FANBOYS
expanded noun phrases 

Tuesday 12th January


Look at the first illustration. Jot down what you notice.  Now, look at the second illustration. What else do you see?
Draw and illustration of one of your favourite holiday memories.  Write a few sentences to explain what is happening in your picture.

Wednesday 13th January


Read the first few pages of the book.  Look at the illustration of the family.  Write an acrostic  poem to describe the feelings of the family using the word DESPERATE.

Thursday 14th January


Read the next few pages of the book.
The family are heading for the Alps in Europe.  Research the Alps and make a booklet.  Make sure you present your work neatly.  You can add information, pictures, maps and anything else you think is interesting. 

Friday 15th September


Read the next few pages of the book.  Write a letter to a friend that you have left behind.  Explain what has been happening on your journey.  You can choose to be any of the characters, mum, the boy or the girl.

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