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The Bog Baby -  Monday (18.01.2021)

Read the full story of the bog baby. In the story it tells us that the girls loved the bog baby soooo much. I want you to have a think about what you love very much. Is it a toy? food? a person? do you love more than one thing? 

Create a poster of all the things you love. Draw pictures and label what you love. You may also say why you love that objects/person.
Again this can be on a plain piece of paper. 

The Bog Baby -  Tuesday (19.01.2021)

Reread the story of the bog baby. What do we know about bog babies? What do they like? What do they look like? What do they eat? Where do they live? 

Create a mind map of all the information you know about a bog baby. So write Bog baby in the middle of the page and then around it write the different pieces information. You can do this as a list if it is easier. 

Again feel free to use your own paper instead of printing.


The Bog Baby - Thursday (21.01.2021)

Today as your final piece of work on this story, I want you to imagine that you have found a bog baby and taken it home. I want you to write a story of the Bog baby's adventure. You might want to think about it first before you write it all down. Remember we need a beginning, middle and end in a story. 

The beginning needs to tell me where you found the bog baby and how you found it. It will also be the part where you decide to take the bog baby home. 
Your middle will be all the things that happen during the day. What does the bog baby do? Where does it go? 
The end of the story will be what happens to the bog baby?  Do you keep it? Do you release it back where you found it? Where is it best to live? 

Do not rush this. Take your time with it.
You can use your own paper if needed but please make sure you draw lines to help the children.