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Fantasy setting -Monday 01.03.2021

Today I would like the children to look at what a fantasy setting is and how the elements of the world created
in the book uses the imagination. Can they think of other fantasy settings from books
they have read or films they have seen? Have access to some books for the children to refer to. Today I would like the children to think of their very own fantasy setting. I do not want to see settings that are similar to the one. in the book please push the children to think for themselves of something different. Remember a fantasy setting is their imagination so it can be as bonkers as they would like it to be. Once the children have had a think about their imaginary setting I would like them to draw it. Please encourage them to take the time and think about what it will look like, what colours will be there? The more thought they put into it today the more it will help them tomorrow. 

On a plain piece paper is fine.


Adjectives and similes -  Tuesday (02.03.2021)

Today I would like the children to look at the picture they drew yesterday and have a go at creating bank of adjectives and similes for their setting. The children do not need to write in sentences they just need to write a list of adjectives for their pictures and a list of similes that they could use. They can also think about what they can hear, smell, taste and feel as well as what they can see. The more they think of the more it will aid them on Thursday. 

Descriptive writing -  Thursday (04.03.2021)

Today I would like the children to create a piece of writing pretending they are entering their imaginary settings for the first time. I would like to write the piece using their drawings and their bank of adjectives/similes. Remember they need to include what they can see, smell, hear, feel and maybe taste too. The children to need to try and make sure the reader can fully imagine the setting just by reading their work and not by looking at any pictures. They may want to close their eyes and imagine they are there themselves to help. This needs to be a longer piece of writing to usual so 7 sentences is the minimum expected. I can't wait to read their work!