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This half term we were going to look at the subject of Packaging in our DT lessons. I've made a PowerPoint that explains what to do with the Colour Marketing Sheet. If you do not have a printer, then maybe your child could experiment with different colour combinations of shapes on a piece of paper.

Thank you,


After spending an age trying to find this a box template I finally found one!

My idea, if we were at school, was to discuss different types packaging and its purposes with you and then get you to design your own. 

Your design is to be for a chocolate or a sweet, but you can't use the name of one that already exists - you need to think of a name. Manufacturers sometimes like to use names that describe it (Crunchie), make it seem exotic (Turkish Delight) or something short and snappy (Twix).

When you've thought of a name you need to design your box and colour it in.

If you want to send me a picture of it that would be great, you can use the Year 3 email.

Have fun!