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Art & DT

11.2.21 Chair Day!

It's finally here 👍
Today is the day that you can bring your chair design to life - remember that it has to be able to support the weight of your teddy/toy.
When you have finished it send a picture to me please (with your teddy sat on it). Then you need to assess your design, this means you have to look at it with a 'critical eye'. It is easier to do this if you pretend that someone else has made it. You are looking for things that you like, things that you don't like as much and things that you would do differently next time, for example would you add more (or less) decorations? Do you like the way you attached the legs? Would you use arms on your chair next time?
After you've used your critical eyes 👀, complete the sheet and send it back to me. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you've made.
Have fun - and don't forget to tidy up when you've finished (that will make your grown-ups really happy).

Hi Year 3,

I have been trying to think of an art activity we could do with home learning so I thought we would have a look at what grown-ups call 'art appreciation'. Basically it means we have a look at some art work, discuss its similarities and differences then decide if we like it or not. We do have to say what is we like or don't like though. 

Have a look at the pictures, complete the sheet as best as you can.

You can always make a viewfinder to have a close-up look at parts of the pictures like we do in school.